Cheeky Little Gabriel

My little nephew Gabriel is really a cheeky angel. Spending half a day with him made me realize that. Gabbie, still, is a good little boy who would seldom cry unless he feels sticky in the bottom because of *Ahem* you-know-what . I was helping my sister-in-law to change diapers, watching her breast-feeding Gabbie, holding him and patting gently his back to encourage his burping…. and gosh, I realized that Gabbie is really a cheeky kid.

Gabbie loves to pull his little cute hands out of the cotton gloves and swing hands from one side to another. And his artistic fingers will dance… Gabbie is smart, seriously. He will definitely make noise (not cry, his face and eyes are completely dry) whenever he felt that he was left unattended for kinda long (5 minutes or so). I had a chance to hold this little angel and *Mwahahah*….Gabbie loves it. He loves to be held close to a woman’s chest and breasts. Hey, don’t be so black-minded!!!! I’m maternally talking, ok? He kept quiet straight away whenever I held him close and patted his back gently… Rather, he showed me kinda satisfied smile and sometimes made a soft grin showing his pinkish gum.

Gosh, isn’t he adorable!??!

Don’t ask me whether this really wakes my marternal instinct up. Of course, it does. Seriously, I felt like I wanted to steal Gabbie and bring him back home. What am I thinking? My house is his house, too. Sigh… Well, strange feeling though. A feeling of belonging rushed through all my veins. Yeah, I’m his aunt, all right…

Gabbie stole all the good looks from both sides (my sister-in-law, my brother, my dad and mum, my brother’s in-laws, etc…). My grandpa (Gabbie’s great-grandpa) came back and commented, “Oh that kid….Later on he will be a lady-killer!”. Right, Gabbie just needs to be a litte bit cheeky. He he…. And should I pass my cheekiness down to him through some sections of training or so? Whoot~, my mum’s gotta murder me if she ever knows I think that way. But it may not be necessary since Gabbie right now is already cheeky… for always grinning / smiling whenever a woman holds him close to her chest. *Ahem*…Again, you people don’t be black-minded!!!!


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  1. LuVCatty says:

    Yes, Kirk, you’re right! I’m one PROUD auntie cos’ my nephew is *Ahem* the center of the world now….Ha ha ha ha….

  2. One proud auntie.

  3. Anonymous says:

    No problem… I can wait for little Gabbie =P

  4. LuVCatty says:

    Aiyo, Jo….Are you planning to book my little Gabbie for your future daughter or something?
    Be Patient!!!!!
    Tomorrow it’s my job interview so I guess the pictures of Gabbie will only be taken on Thursday. Can you still wait for them till then?
    Still, a promise is a promise, I’ll post ’em up asap to satisfy all your wishes k?
    Haih….*Shake my head*

  5. Anonymous says:

    Pictures! I wanna see more pictures of little Gabriel!!!

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