Baby full-moon, something to rant about…

Gabriel is reaching his first full moon in 10 day time and all the members of both of my family and my brother’s in-laws  have already bursted out like a bunch of headless chicken over this ever important event. How and where to hold the full moon dinner, how many people to invite, what to dine (F&B), how much to spend etc….

And my daddy is making a fuss over the fact that people will come and pat, hug, tease and….. transmit some sort of “adult diseases” (in his gloomy mind) to his adorable grandson. The irritated frown constantly stayed on his face which annoyed everyone of us too.

My orangutan brother and his wife has funny ideas too. After this full moon celebration, my sister-in-law will go back to her hometown (3 hours driving away from the city) where there might be a threat of Avian flu (a.k.a. bird flu or chicken flu or flu with whatever that has wings or can fly). My dad also bursted out in anger and worries acknowledging that and according to his reasoning, Gabriel is too small and fragile to travel that far and the roads are not that comfy as the matter of fact. I think my dad is right, just ask my orangutan brother to put himself into Gabriel’s shoes (he’s too big for that), he will definitely give a shake of head saying “Nah ah” for that stupid idea.

Personally, I am not fond of the full-moon celebration idea at all. I mean, what is so important of that? First full moon is also like a second full moon. Why don’t we just celebrate the first full… year of his arrival on earth? Not to sound economically rational, I feel that it will cost more than benefit Gabriel. The thing is, if people really wanna celebrate my nephew’s first full moon, they can bring some sweet cakes (small ones, I’m not asking for big ones…. cos’ my brother and finish ’em all instead of letting the baby take a short sniff), fresh flowers and a little gift (like colorful pairs of socks, little lovely toys or books that teach new parents how to take care of little babies) to bless the baby. Of course, we would invite them for sweet and warm tea or coffee treat. Well, in other words, I care about the meaning and how to make the celebration meaningful, not about the costly and stupid only-adults-enjoy tradition.

I find it ridiculous when my brother came back home and told everyone that his friends + colleagues wanted to come and visit the baby (don’t know how true), thus we are supposed to make a dinner (grand one) to welcome them. Errrrr….. *glare*, so they come for the dinner or they come for the baby!?!?!?  I really wanna snap at my brother saying “Hey, if you guys just wanna come to drink and party then just say so, don’t take the baby to be a good excuse for messing things up and throwing money over the window!!!!”. And my mum is such a good thinker, “Do what you want as long as it’s all under your expenses”. Whoot~, Viva la mama!!!

I guess I know what the primary cause for this idea of partying. It’s not for the baby, of course, it’s pride that broke my brother’s sense of practical conceptualization and thinking. Well, simply saying, he wanna give face to his friends with the party that can illustrate such a gesture as Kingkong pumping his chest showing off his….$$$ (monetary strengths, may I say!?!?). I just pity little Gabriel for being taken as an excuse for these headless adults to party and be nasty. I am not saying that the full moon celebration is bad but if we put it in this scenario, it carries negative motive as far as I can figure it out. So…

It’s not what we play but it’s how we play it…

I know my brother wouldn’t bother to drop his eyes to this entry (he can’t read English by the way) but silently, I do hope that he will know how to play it fair …. for his pride and for his baby. Look, which is more important? The baby or the pride? Too bad, I wish Gabriel could talk to tell his father about what he (Gabriel) really wants for his very first full moon in this world.

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