Lonely (For myself and for everyone else)

A spark of bitter

Little dust of sweet

And love sheds a tear,

There you go, a wish!


I wish, I really wish you were here

When it’s cold, you will keep me warm in your bear hug…

Nothing much, but there ain’t no luck

Now looking around, I found my Teddy Bear.


Reaching out, a wet crystal touched

It’s raining, I stood here and looked…

Who cares?

People hazzled, hurried in streamless flood

This is a life!??!?!

No, I see a nightmare…

But again, who cares?!?!?!?

For the foolish, the dumb, and the stupid

Paranoid, a heart skips a beat

Is that you? Tranfixed, standing there…


Looking back, it’ve been long since we were apart

Meet again? Nah… A promise of one day…

Shocking ! It’s time that flies fast.

Just a blast, I wonder, would it be too late?


Grabbing a pie, the heart aches

How to care and whom to share?

Fire to keep, pain to bear,

Guess that’s how loneliness was made…


Somewhere there, would you feel the same?

Or to you, it’s some sort of games?

A wish, forever, it’s a wish…

Keep moving, I forgot whom to blame…


Miles away, we’re on different tracks

A reminder, we have different plans

If one day, suddenly, we cross paths,

I wonder… Would we feel the same?


(Written on midnight, August 14, 2006)

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  1. abcsr2ez4me says:

    Let Jesus Christ Fill your life.

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