It’s like an endless madness when it comes to insomnia. After a few days living …”in peace” with it, I’ve done all sorts of things just trying to get some sleep…

Music? It doesn’t work. I don’t know how…. I don’t know why….

Lukewarm creamy beverage? It doesn’t work either. Somebody has told me that creamy-tasted food can cure or at least give a smooth sense for you to slid in the sleep. Should I try Durian this time ?

Until 3am this morning, I still found myself rolling around with blanket. I hate insomnia!!! And guess what? My cat shares my insomnia too, he was also swinging around on his own bed with a pair of I-wanna-sleep eyes. Sigh…. I don’t know insomnia could infect animals, too.

Worse case, short-term insomnia could lead to eating disorder too. A messy me with a messy diet…

I ran downstair for lunch today and served myself just a small bowl of bittergourd stuffed with meat soup. Dad eyed on me…

“How many kilos did you lose?”

“No idea, dad. I just notice that my pants are on … the … way. You know…way down…”

A grin appeared on my dad’s face.

“That means you can wear nicer clothes, no?”

“Should I remind you that I don’t look like Paris Hilton again?”, I hissed…

A big laugh came along with my dad’s cheeky expression…

Again, should I take durian despite its yucky smell? (I know you guys love durian but I don’t. For my sake of getting some sleep, should I should I should I?????)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    you dont obey to the ‘healthy routine’ u ought to give to your body hence u told the whole world all the time how sick, dizzy, nauseous u felt. well, no use whining if u dont treat your body with more respect. its a good thing ur pants are falling, its a bad thing u’re psychologically disrupted; health-wise.digest a little sunny.start to build up the gud oL’ confident, bold and blunt you. it takes one own’s decision to revive the good ol you.u’ve trampled on my tail before to ask me to sod off and get a life. now its my turn..  

  2. LuVCatty says:

    And I found out that I am the worst enemy to myself…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well, whatever it takes to get your much needed beauty sleep………

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