When I was in the toilet settling “personal
business” with my own digestion problem, my phone rang and I felt like my butt
was on fire (Actually I was already on fire…Eww!!!). When I got out, I saw a
new number and wondering who could call me at that “solemn” moment? I pressed “Dial”
and … Oh great!

“Your phone service is temporarily
out of service because you have not paid…”

Fine fine fine… I grabbed the
telephone and dialed the number.

“Hello… Uhm, somebody from your
side just called me about 10 minutes ago so I am just wondering…”

“Are you Miss Sunny?”

“Errr…Yeah, how do you…”

“We’re EF Vietnam. Our boss
wants to meet up with you at
4pm today.
Are you available at that time?”

“Yeah, I guess…”

“Okay, we will see you then. Bye”


Oh right, so I got in! Yeah, I got
in as expected. Thanks God for this. I am not very surprised except the fact that
they called me a bit early cos’ I estimated that it would take them about a
week to decide whether I should be employed. Anyway, I gave myself at the
mirror a happy smile. I got in…

And life has never stopped being

At 2pm, it
started raining…

At 3pm, it
stopped raining but began to pour all over…

At 3:30pm, I got
out from the bathroom with clean and neat blouse with black pants, all ready to
go and get my employment settled. It was still getting its piss down… *Sigh*

Well, what a nice season ! I waved
a cab cos’ I didn’t want myself to get messed up and wet because of the rain. And
the whole drive was so great until we almost had an accident since somebody
suddenly carelessly crossed the road. Thank goodness the brake worked well.
Gosh, my heart almost jumped out of the chest …

“He’s crazy! What was that dumb-ass
thinking?”, furiously commented the cab driver.

“He’s insane. I think he would
not want to live any longer”, I humourously replied.

“And he’s still alive and we
almost died!!!”, the cab driver almost shouted…


About 5 minutes later, I paid for
my taxi fare and hopped in the office where I’m gonna work next week. One of
the ladies I’ve talked to last week gave me a friendly smile and I went in the
same old room I’ve sat for the other 2 interviews. A few seconds passed and the
boss – managing director, flung in.

“Okay, you’re here…”, he started
with exciting voice, “We would like to offer you a job…”

“Oh, thank you”, I tried to make a
surprised face but I guess it failed.

“Well, you’ve expected it , haven’t
you?”, he scaned my face.

“Yeah, honestly, yes, I knew I
would get in”, I bravely answered.

“Good, I like that confidence of
yours. Anyway, we need to explain something before you can think about our
employment offer”

“Please go on, sir”

And the next thing I knew, he was
ranting all about medical leaves, income tax, my co-workers, program directors
and a company trip on 8th September, task orientation day and so on
and so forth. I nodded along as he talked and finally, the most expected part
of the story came.

“Well, the probation will be 3
months and we will review your salary after this. And then we will review your
salary every year once right on the same day you start.”, he gave me the letter
of employment offer.

USD 300 per month for probation,
not so bad, I told myself.

“How about training?”, I asked

“Well, you will have a lot of
chances to travel within the country and oversea too. For training, we offer
twice per year for worldwide training and several time for regional and
domestic training”, he cut in smoothly.


And he went on with global job
rotation which I found so cool to listen to because it was what I would
absolutely enjoy doing. The meeting ended shortly afterward when I promised to
let him know about my decision on Friday. Looking out, it was still raining.

All right, so that’s about it. I
will start working right after a holiday to Central Highland for our
Independence Day. Man, I can’t wait any longer because I will be dead broke
after the trip. So, thanks God for this job offer. You really know how to
handle my financial dilemma… Look, it’s an obviously nice start, isn’t it? New
job means promisingly new funs…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, I’M SO PROUD OF YOU & GABRIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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