This is a few pictures about my trip to Da Lat. Will upload more later when my friends send ’em to me…


In front of the romantic Romeo-and-Juliet Villa



Visited “Love Valley”


DSCN4700DSCN4700 DSC09496

Three – some (Ah hahahha….I know what you guys think!!!)



In the Karaoke room (See? Only I paid attention to the camera)



Adventure with couple-bicycles


Wandering around the center of Da Lat at night, munching roasted corn…

And they tried to lock us inside (We were behind the door). Look at how evil they were….

Late night drama … Poker on the mattress!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. friarblues says:

    Poker! Favorite pastime.:)

  2. abcsr2ez4me says:

    Looks like lots of FUN!

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