a week++ making friend and playing dumb with the buses, I personally realized
that I had a lot of blues taking buses back home and to work. I had rosy
encounters too even though not too many. Anyway, should you read all these
shitty feeling and experience; perhaps you may wanna torment yourself with
buses one day.


Monday blues…

as the matter of fact, Monday is always blue to almost all of us. Starting of a
week, beginning of new series of crazy and messy working days, turning to
unexpected and perhaps, unwanted strings of events… (blah blah blah and blah
blah blah…). And at the end of all those blues, I had to face another blue that
is Bus blues…

for 20 minutes for a bloody greenish bus, I tried to calm myself down not to
curse. Well, “Love is patient, love is kind… Ahem” – God taught us so
(Corinthians chapter 13) so I had to be PATIENT!!! But seriously, do I love a
bus? Yes, I do. To be more exact, Yes, I have to. Man… see? Bus-hoppers can be
crazy sometimes. Love the bus though we hate it till death.

uncomfortably on a narrow seat, I started glazing around and notice an old man
who was wearing a pair of shorts and a loose grey old shirt. Half way through
the journey, this oldie began a whole show of odds. He took off his shirt,
folded neatly and put into a clean white plastic bag (!?!?!?) and remained half
naked in public for about 5 minutes searching for something in his bag.
Finally, he pulled out something which can shock you half to death. Guess what?
A pair of also grey old sun-glasses. Everybody smiled weirdly toward this oldie
because somehow, you know, being half naked (for a guy) is considered terribly
impolite but here (for an old folk), it was a little humorously acceptable. He
put on his sun-glasses gradually.

in an air-cond bus, this folk felt like he was sunbathing in

wait a second, he hadn’t done yet!!!

pulled out another one which made everyone let out a long sigh of relief – A blue
shirt (blue?!?!?). And he turned back to “normal” again after putting a
considerably proper dress code in the public again. For a naughty second, what
if a young man does that? Or to make my imagination crappier or *Ahem*,
naughtier, what if a young hot babe does that?  Ah ha ha ha ha… Keep laughing darlings, that
would never happen cos’ this is the bus ok? And this is the bus without a mini
changing room.


Tuesday blues…

day with another new string of blues…

call it “high-heel blue”

up in such an girlish wanting-to-be-stylish mood, I freshened up and dressed up
nicely in pink knitted top and a pair of black working pants. Oh yeah, to make
it perfect for a corporate lady like me, a pair of high-heels was a must. So,
here came my black leather high-heels and I forgot that after work, I needed to
walk for about 5 to 10 minutes to the nearest bus stop. And that led to a whole
series of dramas for me – the stylish girl.

my feet furiously into the high-heels, I had a mixture of feeling created by
this formula

for work + Stylish-wannabe mood + PAIN from the sardine-tinned high-heels = “Oh
shit! Shit! Dammit! I so wish that high-heels had never been invented!!!”

then… “Grrrr…”

seriously, just imagine… A nice young lady with proper corporate dress code,
dangling the black color bag on a shoulder, stylish with high-heels walks up
the bus… Wah! I tell you, that is such a pretty-go-nutty bus-hopper. I sat
there raising my chin and remained a cool pose with Icy Queen kinda face for
everybody to take a hidden glimpse at. In fact, I was cursing non-stop
internally for my stupid stylish-wannabe mood.

learnt, I became a real good girl the next day with a pair of flat black
slippers and a bigger handbag with the previous high-heels wrapped carefully in
another clean plastic bag. Of course, that would be a trade-off: beauty for a
relief of my feet and vice versa. Furthermore, there added another fear for
wearing stylish leather high-heels: falling down stupidly while catching a
moving bus. And heck, I never want that to happen in my life even though I’d
never encountered this kind of tragedy before. Thus, fine fine, I cast a vote
for my feet.



usual, I caught the bus 69 to go back home…

I thought every time, there will be a different bus with the number of 69. But I
was wrong. I actually took the same bus when I went to work and when I went
back home without realizing, not until the bus-ticket girl smiled at me in that

felt a little weird as I caught her hinting smile…

I know you?”

we didn’t. But I saw you”

and when?”

bus, this morning”


serious I did.”

should we be friends?”


is it a yes?”

can say so”


ahem, for a friend, can I have a discount?”

laugh for both me and her*

Life sometimes can be so interesting!!!



bus is always correlated with walking…

I hate it whenever I had to cross by a street with full of fashion boutiques!!!

when seeing new fashion trend tempted*

stomach angrily and note to self : Fashion is the worst enemy to a saving

admit to self : Nope, fashion is a good friend but a good friend costs a lot to


still hate it whenever I walked by that corner…


Friday blues…

it was weekend, my heart and mind pumped with joys and excitement. Not too
fast, pals, I had to work on Saturday always and even Sunday sometimes. Thus, I
walked out the street toward the bus stop with a zombie-look-alike face and
wave unenthusiastically at the bus that was noisily sliding through the
horrible morning traffic. I hopped in, settled down at a seat and felt
something wrong.

this bus going to that xyz street?”

the bus-ticket girl lazily replied, “This is a abc line”

craps!!!”, I hissed

gone my 2000 VND. Sigh, I furiously get myself off the bus and wait for the
right one to come. Suddenly, a funny feeling came. Oh hell yeah, I felt like I
was waiting for my Prince Charming to come and pick me up on his White romantic
Unicorn (not horse!!! Horse was for dumb princes) and I’d gotta sing…

believe I can fly (on a Unicorn)… And I believe I can touch the sky

damn, R. Kelly will swear his head off hearing me humiliating his song that
way. Ha ha ha ha…

so-called dream ended as my real “Bus Charming” came in green and square shape
with a terrifyingly fast speed. I quickly got on with a serious look as if I
could never have taken a wrong bus in my life before. Fake! Fake! And fake!



doubled blues…

had to work on Saturday. Would it be the worst blue of all? But I’d been made
up for it.

just worked for half a day on Saturday and after
12pm, I left the office and
began my same old walking journey toward the bus stop. I accidentally looked at
the opposite side of the street as I was walking leisurely. There was a
hand-made accessory shop called “Papillon – Art – Bijoux”. Hah… nice!!! I found
myself quickly crossing the kinda empty street and headed for the shop… Oh man,
it was beautifully impressive as I stepped inside. A uniquely designed
collection of bracelets and chains made of natural stones, crystals, metal,
cotton, pearls etc… and etc… My eyes went wild as I glared at all those fragile
and non-fragile (metal ones) items. Heck, I was so tempted to grab my wallet
and started harvesting the shop.

after an hour of searching, chit-chatting with the shopkeepers and secretly
evaluating and energetically trying on and off all the catchy stuff, I picked
for myself a bohemian red ankle chain and a simple necklace with light violet
cotton and a piece of plastic stone that had a white and blue real flower
inside for my stylish mom. All paid, I got out and walked under the sun again…

can be sometimes productive and harmful…

got home feeling dizzy for the rest of the day…


God, I didn’t need to take bus!!!!

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