Can you believe it?

“Su, come here and taste some soup…” (call aloud)

“What’s in the soup?” (innocent question)

“Bitter gourd stuffed with mince meat and mushroom and mee-hun” (calm answer)

“How does it taste?” (Curiosity eyes scanned the soup bowl)

“A little bit bitter but it’s so yummy. Come come and try some” (persuasive tone)

“No” (shaking head madly)

“Why not? It’s very nice and good for your liver and skin”  (Patient explanation)

“No” (Decisive refusion)

“Come here” (Snap)

“NOooo!!!” (strong protest)

“I asked you to come here” (solemn command)

“Nooooooooooooooooo…..”  and little Su ran away from the dining table.

“Su, what do you want to have for dinner?”

“I don’t know. You pick” (lazy glare)

“Pork ribs stewed with sour plum?” (careful suggestion)

“Sound good” (head nodded)

“Broccoli stir-fried with beef?” (further confidence)

“Yay!!! Nice nice!!!” (eyes opened wide and head nodded faster)

“Bitter gourd soup with mince meat stuffed inside?” (an eyebrow raised with doubt and expectation of a strong head shake)

” Yes yes yesssssssss!!!!” (Jump around for joy!!!)

*fainting sensation and pose*

*Still jump around for joy*

Can you believe it?

First scene: My grandma and me and bitter gourd soup 15 years ago…

Second scene : My dad and me and bitter gourd soup nowadays…

I couldn’t believe it!

Yeah, I’m a bitter gourd soup addict!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    alex, and why do ‘we’ have to bear resemblance and called coincidental interest sisterly in blood-related terms? sounds rather bootlickin dont you think? hence, Since I’ve taken you up as a sister, sunny wants a piece of you too.

  2. LuVCatty says:

    Oh dear, are we long-lost sisters??!?!?!Why do we have so much in common?!?!? *Grins with self-agreement*

  3. wongleeyun says:

    KNow what, I used to HATE bittergourd too, but now I love it. *sigh* good memories. Bittergourd reminds me of dad’s home cooking. Yum yum, so glad I am going home tomorrow.

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