Bus-waiting – Oh so blue!!!

The day was already tiring after I finished my work. Walking along the road toward to the bus stop, I was a little worried looking at the gloomy sky (Well, there was a rumor that it would be very stormy somewhere in the Central Region of Vietnam so my city would be covered with rain for about a week. Ahem*, now rumor comes true. It’s was disastrous over there… Imagine of tole roof flying like autumn leaves!!! Not symbolic enough? Think about hurricane or tsunami, you may have a better picture in mind).

Come back to my journey back home, I was taking 2 phases of buses. As I stepped down at the other bus stop to wait for the second one to come, I was looking around and listening to my MP4. Up to one point, I lost focus on my surrounding and start glazing down my feet.


Out of a sudden, a plastic cup with full of ice-cubes smashed down the street and all the ice-cubes shot up and hit me so fast that I couldn’t even avoid them. I was so shocked and started regaining my awareness. Out of the blue, a  poshy couple dressing up stylishly (both of them wore shorts and sleeveless pull-overs) riding on the glossy Dylan motorbike laughed aloud. The girl with long dyed hair with her super-short pair of mini-jeans wrapped her arms around the guy’s waist after throwing the plastic cup toward where I stood. She acted as if she had done nothing wrong. Man…

What a @#$%!!!

You look clean…

You look poshy…

Yet you didn’t behave yourself.

So what’s the value of the pricey clothes you wear and the costly motorbike you ride? You take a lot to build up your reputation (face) and well, it doesn’t cost a thing to lose everything. Think about it. You exclaim that you’re well-educated (I doubt it) and you grow up in a wealthy and stylish family. But look at what you’ve done: littering around the street like nobody’s business and hello, it hit me though.

The thing is, I wonder, your parents forgot to teach you how to litter properly in the public… We adults don’t do that. Even a 10-year-old can behave better than you. See? How disappointed!!!

And sometimes, we adults are such the annoying creatures in this world. As if it wasn’t enough to make a day spiteful, I got into another disappointing event right after I stepped on the second bus. The street was rather narrow and gosh… full of vehicles regardless of two-wheel or four-wheel or whatsoever… The bus driver had no choice but slid on a few meters ahead the signal board. It’s all understandable but unfortunately, the policeman just didn’t understand that. In fact, he didn’t want to understand that.

The bus was stopped right when the driver just pressed his foot on the gear. The driver was kinda stressed when he got down to see the policeman and explained about what was going on and the troubles with horrible traffic. From what I saw, the policeman just stressing on the fact that the bus had violated the traffic law by not stopping right at the signal board. What the heck!!!

Hello, nobody wanted it. On the second thought, dear Mr. Policeman, there were a lot of people violating the rule constantly and why did you just want to fine the bus driver? Not worth it, was it? In spite of all the sound explanations given, the driver still got back with damn sad face while his driver license card got punched. Sigh…I felt bad because the bus stopped to let me in. Why was it so unlucky for him to get into this trouble? And the traffic got worse where we were stuck with this “charming” policeman.

I know, I know… It wasn’t my fault after all. But I still feel bad. Sometimes people are funny (I’m talking about that police officer).  It’s so simple to see that in the opacity of traffic fume, the bus wouldn’t be able to stop right at where it is supposed to. I guess fine amount was more important in this case. Sigh…

I got home after 1 hour taking bus. Heckalong!!! In such a horrible mood, I just didn’t know what would be next. Oh yeah, insomnia, hi there!!! Oh well, thanks to my lovely nephew, I got constant insomnia since I had to “accompany” my sister-in-law and my mom to take care of him. And when the baby cries at night (which is very common for babies), you know what will happen. We… all… turn… to… be… a … ZOMBIE!!!

Lost appetite + stressful work + project + a sleepless week

And the outcome is that I’ve lost 3 kg. Nice huh?

Yeah, I don’t need to go for any slimming section now. Mwahahahah….hahhahah…


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