If Only

If only,
I can have it my way;
I would want it to be
Just you and me,
And let the world around us fade away.

If only,
You’d give me the time
That I long to have,
To share no one, but only me,
As I am to you, and no one else.

If only,
I can make you see
How much you mean to me;
How much I love you,
And how much I miss you. . .

If only,
You’d respond to me,
The way I am to you;
How much I need you,
I would feel less feeling lonely.

If only,
You knew as I do,
How much my heart aches,
And how often I shed my tears,
Perhaps you’d understand.

If only, I can be understood . . .

B. Briones


My response is…

If only,
Things can go my way,
I’d love to know your day
Know how you work
Know what you say
Know for whom you wait
Darling, it’s just so hard to say…

If only,
I can have you near
Right here, besides me
To share what I see
To know what’s up.
To be the one for me
Darling, love ain’t no easy

“Away” is the word I fear
“Hate” never appears in my head
Without you, I’m just dead
What I see is what I get
We’ve been away
If only…

How much you mean to me
Only I know
Only God knows
If only,
I could let my hope glows
If only,
I could let my love shows
If only,
I could let my head reads
But my heart won’t allow, indeed…
If only,
You could understand
If only,
We could meet again…

(Written on Oct 1st, 2006 – Midnight)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. LuVCatty says:

    Stop pulling my legs lah!!! Anyway, if it does come from your heart, thanks a ton, Jo.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very nice. Very touching. Gosh… I can feel my heart breaking into a million piece as I’m reading this =P

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