It’s not always about sales

Yesterday, I, once again, learnt that my career is , sometimes, not always about sales.

Not unsually incredible, I happened to conduct a 2-hour conversation with a female customer yesterday since 5pm.
My job is just simply to get customers to agree on paying for their
kids to join the program I’m promoting. End of story. But yesterday,
that conversation re-send me an invaluable lesson, once again. What you
get will always be greater than what you give and once you
wholeheartedly help someone, you actually help yourself in whatever job
that you’re doing.

a mom. She’s a music teacher with short hair and casual dressing style,
wearing glasses and possessing a classic-mom look.  Music teacher’s
earnings in my country are never high, for your information. Still, she
wanna invest for her son’s future by opting to send him oversea for his
further study. Talking to her, slowly, it was revealed that she’s been
raising her kids without husband’s help. Worse case, her husband hid
all his incomes from her knowledge since the day he received the news
of her cancer. We talked, talked and talked…

Up to one point, she admitted that she can send her son to New Zealand
for 1 or 2 years but doubt her financial ability after that. How about
her husband’s commitment, I asked. Financial clarification will be
required for her son’s progress of visa application and of course she
will soon have a chance to acknowledge how much her husband has earnt
so far. But that doesn’t sound sweet or relieving to her. Instead, it
spelled “Bitter”. Her eyes remind me of her son’s eyes. They were all
sad and hold such a hopeless sight deep inside. It’s not a happy
family, I murmured to myself.

rather than pushing her to sign up for the program I’m promoting, I
ended up recommending several more economical options for her to fund
her son’s education. Sharing my experience as a former student who used
to be oversea and how to develop my character and succeed in academic
achievement, I felt that my encounter with
for studying was tremendously sweet and incredible. Gradually, I could
feel the weight of pressure lifted from her face. She seemed relieved
when she found new ways to invest into her son’s future.

“Oh, how lucky I am meeting you here. You’ve been my tremendous help, Miss Su.”

welcome. I hope you will think about the options I’ve recommended to
you. I won’t push you to join our program cos’ it’s pricey as you could
feel. Somehow, if you think that is helpful, let me know and we will
move on to the next step.”

“I’m sorry that it affected your sales figure”

worry, that’s my job. It’s not always about sales like I used to think.
Offering my best advice is eventually what I should do, you know.”

“I promised you I’ll help you make the sales up. Seriously, I promise.”

sweet! When we sincerely help someone, we’ll get helped in return. It’s
just how strong you believe in it. I didn’t win a sale case but yes, as
Alex said, I won it as an ally in life and the joy was contagious. I
made a person appreciate the first meeting she had with me. I’ve
touched her life and I could help her in a sense. “What you give is
what you get”,  I love this quote seriously.

As I walked out of the office and began my routine journey to the bus stop, I rewarded myself  a
huge chocolate cornetto (an ice-cream scoop). Everybody looked at me as
one kind. Who cares? I’ve just done something good and I felt good. I
know it bloody well, sometimes, it’s not always about sales.

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  1. wongleeyun says:

    Well said honey, and you are right. What you receive for giving, is far greater than whatever you forked out in the first place. That’s the first principle of blind faith. Or karma, if you will. A belief I’ve held true all my life, and something that has never failed me 🙂

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