Mrs. R & D

Thinking to change something so I can
feel refreshed, my head popped up an idea to change my Yahoo 360 to
something new… Mrs. R&D. Straight away, I got such a cool
feedback . Look at this conversation.

^_^ : Hey, Su, what’s up with your new ID?

>_< : What ID?

^_^ : Mrs. R&D. What does that mean?

>_< : Make a guess!

^_^ : Mrs. Research & Development????

>_< : Nyeh…. It’s not that,  you business sucker!!!

^_^ : Uhm…Mrs. Run & Die?

>_< : Hahahhaha….. Nyeh…wrong again!

^_^ : Hey, that’s tough! Let me think… Mrs. Rude & Dull?

>_< : Oooii…. You don’t have anything else in mind, do you?

^_^ : Then, Mrs. Rookledool ?

>_< : If a hen can make a call like that, my head will be on the floor!

^_^ : Oh yeah, that’s a rooster! Uhm… How about Mrs. Red Devil?

>_< : So where will be the “&”?

^_^ : Mrs. Rough & Dumb?

>_< : Sigh…. all wrong!!! You cannot make any better guess for this?

^_^ : I’m going cuckoo already! You tell me then.What is it?

>_< : Ha ha ha ha…. you wouldn’t even think of it. It’s a huge surprise!

^_^ : Tell tell!!!

>_< : Mrs. R&D means Mrs. Argh (R)  & Duhhh (D) !!!

^_^ : Duh….!

>_< : See? Kekekekke…

^_^ : Ah, so that’s how you sound since you started working?

>_< : Sort of. I’m very frustrated sometimes… It’s messy , by the way.

^_^ : Oh come on, I know you’ll be fine. You tough girl can do it. Remember your “slogan”?

>_< : Of course….

^_^ : I took it too and it worked for me.

>_< : Is it?

^_^ : Yupe… I have to thank you.

>_< : Now only? Gezzz, I should be there so you can express your gratitude with action.

^_^ : No problem    *blow a kiss icon*

>_< : Esk!!! Not that. I want a treaty something.

^_^ : Too far… he he he…. My kiss smells of chocolate ice-cream…

O_0: Oooiiii……Don’t….make… me… start!!!!!!


So that’s the meaning of Mrs. R&D. Call me Mrs. “Argh!” & “Duh!”.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. LuVCatty says:

    Hehehhe….So the conclusion is sometimes I found myself weird and clever at the same time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hmm… weird…

  3. That was pretty clever!

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