It’s just that sometimes you don’t believe in yourself…

In most of people’s mindset nowadays, feeling confident is
inter-related with possessing something pretty physical. A nice figure,
a set of glossy suit, beautiful and shining accessories, an expensive
car or motorbike, an all-in-one cellphone, a cute laptop… I’m just
wondering, will all this stuff make you raise your chin when you stand
in front of the crowd or in the middle of the crowd?

How about me? I’m confident because of what?

I’m confident because my day starts with a smile which make everyone smile with me.

I’m confident because I don’t have a bike but go to work by bus.

I’m confident because I am not wearing any brand clothes.

I’m confident because my hair is curly.

I’m confident because I don’t wear scarlet lipstick but put a thin layer of lip balm instead.

I’m confident because I can pay for my own chosen course.

I’m confident because I can admit my mistake and ask for forgiveness.

I’m confident because I can be faulty but be bold to fix it.

I’m confident because I don’t have a pretty face but a shining smile.

I’m confident because I don’t possess a model-look-alike body but can dress up presentably in the public.

I’m confident because I choose my own music.

I’m confident because I can draw and paint for my pleasure.

I’m confident because I can work.

I’m confident because I can be who I really am.

I’m confident because I have you…

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  1. VonElle82 says:

    to me, confidence is about recognizing that Our Heavenly Father have lovingly made us as women. And also, for me to personally remember that he made me a woman who’s perfect in his eyes. A beautiful person is more than the surface itself, its what goes beyond the skin that brings out the glow of a loving grace & kindness.The sort of confidence exuding peace and wisdom knowing God loves me and I am like a blossoming flower in the garden Father’s tending. Given time, nurture and the right essence for growth, it will give off fragrance for the glory of our dad & king. I was reminded few nights back who I am And I praise God for giving me the season out of his right reason helpin me grow, overcome and build such confidence which bless me so overwhelmingly I cant contain it, so bless I wanna give it away. Sunny, you’re a woman! Beautiful in every way, celebrate that and rejoice in such truth. Comparing to worldly standards is good..hence measured off with a difference of shine and example as a daughter of God, it shows soo much more charm, sparkle and grace that even the world will have to stop, ponder as they marvel wat could be the outstanding significance of ones’ beauty & confidence. Now, that is being a light that shines for God. =) May u shine, shine, shine!! (Eh, literally ah, not those oily T-zone face shine. hahaha…)*hugz*

  2. Hey. I don’t know you, but I was browsing through blogrings and I clicked on your site. I read some of what you wrote on there and I wanted to tell you that that is awesome! I am so sick and tired of people striving to be like everyone else, and getting depressed if they don’t succeed. Girls are doing terrible things to theirselves today and it’s encouraging to read your blog, because Christ-confidence is what we should have, not beauty-confidence! Just seeing what you wrote about you smiling and other people smiling with you made me smile. You are doing a good job. God bless you.Thanks.|vre.

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