What do you know?

In the end of the day, you go back home, smile at a mirror to know you’ve survived after a long string of endless pressure.

What do you know?

You hug the teddy bear with a sip from your hot chocolate mug to know you are still adoring your nameless pleasures.

What do you know?

You giggles at a baby comic book to know that there is still a child inside you knocking at a grey old stubborn mind of a so-called adult.

What do you know?

You corner yourself on the sofa to now the meaning of loneliness and how much you crave for a hug from someone.

What do you know?

You go to church and listen to the praises to know that your spirit is still alive and so wishes to set free.

What do you know?

You look out of the window to know you used to wish to fly away as a bird without fear of height.

What do you know?

You stand on a hill to know that there is a breeze during summer that clears up your gloomy mind.

What do you know?

You walk around the park or sit on the greenish grass to know there is still a corner of peace inside a rushing city.

What do you know?

You send a silly message to know that you have friends who care for you no matter how mindless you or your messages are.

What do you know?

You kiss to know that you’re loved
You cuddle to know that you’re adored
You love to know that you’re blessed…

And what do you know?

You pray and thank God to know that you were born to enjoy all these ordinary yet marvellous things that are embraced in only 1 word – LIFE. (Amen!)

3 Comments Add yours

  1. VonElle82 says:

    I wanna be hugged, kissed, cuddled and cherished too. And we all know that only a certain man in our lives can do such wondrous ‘satisfaction’ to such desires which is secretly tucked in the deepest corners of our heart. *Ahem*

  2. VonElle82 says:

    what do i know….Joanne sometimes didnt bother to see the glass of water half full or half empty, rather she’s in love with the glass itself wondering where to buy it. amen to that entry. fact we all overlook such great deal of being alive because we’re busy lamenting over issues and struggles in life. Thats the beauty of life. Mixture of emotions mixing and meshing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What do we know…. just that some of us don’t really know how to appreciate the simple things in our lives.

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