For the year 2007 to come, let’s count down from 10 to 1…

10. A year for our very own success in our very own definition (Whatever it is, to me, success is living to do what you love).

9. A year of wonders (opportunities don’t come twice but miracles do happen. Put up your faith in what you think is right!)

8. A year of a great and gorgeous body (Work out! Work out! and Work out! I hope… I hope … and I hope)

7. A year of a joys and hopes (of course, no hope, no work, no work, no joy, no joy, no life)

6. A year of friends (make friends with whom you like, take care of whom you trust, and keep the friendship that lasts)

5. A year of wisdom (learn a new thing each day and use it straight away for the day that comes next)

A year of love (love yourself, love your family and of course, love
your better half. If you don’t happen to find your better half, perhaps
it’s a year that you might find one, no?)

3. A year of happiness

2. A year of meaningfully living

1. And a year of … whatever you wanna call it!!!


2007, HERE I COME!!!!

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  1. abcsr2ez4me says:

    Hey Buddy, it looks like its been a while since you’ve been here at Xanga. But I hope things are going well. I bet you’re really busy with school and your career. It’s been so long since we’ve talked but I really hope things are going well with you.

  2. 2007 sounds like a great year!

  3. Anonymous says:

    FINALLY! An update… Happy New Year to you too………………….

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