Just like Heaven

I don’t know how I’d feel if once I wake up in the middle of the night
and found out that there’s a guy sitting there looking at me sleeping.
Oh dear, I’ll scream my lungs out perhaps. And I don’t know how I’m
gonna behave while that person just doesn’t bother about anything else
except following to chase me out of his/her exclaimed house. Or I don’t
know what will happen if I ever fall in a comma.

it’s good to leave our daily life and just sit down to watch how people
live their lives. I think I’ll not live my life if I don’t ever have
time to read my favourite book, to watch my favourite T.V shows or once
in a while dine out with my love. Life won’t be a life if I’m buried by
my work. Life won’t be a life if I just try to spare a few moments to
catch some sleep while waiting for another task to be called. A busy
life, people may say. But that isn’t a life, or in other words, that
isn’t a way to live a life.

It’s kinda conflicting when
there’s passion for work on one side and a desire to balance a normal
life on another side. Lizzie sacrificed most of her life time to cure
people who are on the verge of leaving this life and forgets that she
is leaving her life as well. A traffic accident changed everything, not
only about her physical appearance (she became a hanging ghost without
a shadow. Yeah right, how can a ghost have its shadow?) but also about
her point of view. Nothing to do, she got quite shocked when she used
to be a very busy doctor in ER unit. She got more time to observe life
going on around her: a nurse hiding in an equipment room to kiss her
boyfriend , a doctor who fell asleep over her salad carton, her sister
who is a super-mom with 2 crazy kids but always cares for her younger
sister, her hated colleague who, without any talent or a heart for
patients. got to sit in her office now… Everything, good and bad. She
remembered how she has abandoned her own life, living without any
interests, hobbies or even any kind of music. And she remembered the
most important thing: she hadn’t got a chance to date any guy. She
never knows what love is. (Sad sad!!!)

Slowly, she realized that
life is not just about working and getting busy with the job. Life is
also about enjoying by going out for lunch, sitting on the roof of the
condominium building to look at the stars and talk about personal stuff
or seeking for the beautiful garden which is always in her dream. Life
is meant for enjoying with simple things and simple places. And life is
only meaningful when we find someone trustworthy enough to share about
all these things. And when Lizzie found David to be the one, it was
almost too late since her sister agreed to sign in the agreement which
allows the doctor to put off the oxygen providing machine running to
remain her body alive. She needs to fight for her life but she
couldn’t. Only one person can do it. That’s David.

David felt
almost hopeless while hearing the tick-tock sound of the clock,
acknowledging the time of Lizzie leaving him forever is coming closer
and closer. David also knew that he has fallen in love with this
non-stop talking and annoying doctor after being followed by her soul
for a few days. He found out a vulnerable girl covered by a tough and
optimistic attitude in Lizzie. Lizzie knew that she needed him ever
since she had to stay alone all day long. She can only feel her
existence when she’s with him arguing nonsensically because no one
could see her except him. She realized that her life would be
incomplete if she didn’t meet David. They slept with each other that
night. No sex, just simply lying face-to-face and looking at each
other. She put her hand against his and that was like a promise, a
promise of remembering everything (I almost cried when I watched this

And now, Lizzie needs David to save her and bring
her back to life. That may sound impossible but thanks to love and a
smartie mind of David, things turned out incredible in the end. David,
with the help offered by his friend, stole Lizzie’s body and confronted
the entire hospital staff fighting for Lizzie’s life. Miracle happened,
Lizzie woke up after a shock. But when the real Lizzie came back to
life, she couldn’t remember who David – just a moment ago, was her
savior – was.

Things went back to normal, David moved out of
Lizzie’s used-to-be apartment and Lizzie returned to live there once
again. She continues her doctor’s job with daily routines but deep
inside, she felt the guts of looking for something or someone. There
seemed to be something stolen from her mind and she couldn’t know what
it was. She kept looking but couldn’t remember anything. Until one day
she found that her apartment door had been opened and David was the one
who opened it. Another miracle happened. Lizzie saw her entire dream
garden on the roof of her apartment with wonderful sky view and the
gentle touch of summer breeze. She was amazed knowing that David has
designed it especially for her. She felt something special about this
guy and when their hands met, everything returned to her mind just like
a reverse movie: the accident, the arguments, the last night
together…. And they kissed.
Lizzie almost lost everything and
yet gained everything just in a few days. That’s why life is precious.
We only acknowledge the value of something when we lose or are on the
verge of losing it. Like Lizzie, we sometimes forget to appreciate
every moment we have in life: happy or sad, up or down… everything
makes life so colorful and meant to enjoy/to live.

It’s very well said:

Dream what u want to dream,
go where u want to go,
be what u want to be,
because u have only one life
and one chance to do all the things u want to do.

Life is traveled once.
Today’s moment becomes tomorrow’s memory.
Enjoy every moment, good or bad bcoz
the gift of life is life itself.

If we fight,
we may not always win,
but if we don’t fight,
we will surely lose

For a moment, life could be still ,
But never in lifetime, can a moment be still.
Live every moment!
To meet and depart is a way of life.
But to depart and meet is the hope of life.
You meet to create memories,
But you depart to preserve it and that’s life…
We depart to meet again……

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  1. What up sis! I hope your doing well. God bless you.

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