Dear a frustrated diary!

My diary is not to blame! I’m frustrated. Yes, I am frustrated.

A lot of catching up to do, though.

My job has become so frustrating recently and I argued with a horrible customer who never seems to be considerate. Hah! What have I done? I taught him a huge lesson about the values of respect. Damn… I was so angry but I controlled my temper really well and didn’t take much time to think of the sharpest words to pour upon him. Sometimes, the phrase “Go to hell, you @#$#@ idiot!” just wanted to flip out of my jewel mouth. Finally, that mad folk could shut up after I shut down the phone.

Besides this unexpectedly damn thing, everything has been pretty smooth. I worked like crazy and become senseless timing and enjoying weekends… In fact, what is a weekend? Some concerns have come and a few pals just asked me to look for a more relaxing job with free weekends. Now I’m thinking, I am really thinking…

My nephew has been walking and running around for quite some time now even though he’s just 10 months and 8 days old. “He is exactly like you back then. It’s just that he doesn’t talk as much as you did”, commented mom. “Ah hahahhaha…. Mom, that’s very funny!”, I replied. A little bit more about my nephew Gabbie, he loves to kiss his own self in the mirror (I guess he thought that’s some other little handsome kid from the other end). He loves eating banana and sweet mango. He can say “Papa, mama, go go…” and can sing “la la la la” now. He knows how to take the cloth and mobbing the floor as my mom does and a lot more…

I have switched from mere consulting and sales to online marketing recently. I think that’s an exciting perspective of work and admittedly, I learnt a lot. I’ve made the website or the program became more effective and user-friendly, content-wise but now I learnt about the process of making it more sales-focused and better in generating sales. Anyway, there is still no change in my salary figure although the work load has doubled up!

I’m so busy and honestly, I do not know what’s going on out there. How ignorant I am! Perhaps it’s time for me to listen to others’ stuff and know how far the earth has spin to… Wassup?!?!

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