everyone, great news is Gabbie is gonna be 1 year old end of this month, but
officially tomorrow will be his first birthday ever on earth (according to the
Lunar Calendar, which is wisely calculated by my mom. *Ahem*, I’m no good at
this, by the way! ). So, to sum up, there are a lot of things Gabbie can do
lately, such as:

  1. Run around and climb up and
    down just like a little monkey. *Note: Gabbie is an absolute hyper-active
    little boy and has lots and lots of energy created by all sorts of milk
    powder and delicious and nutritious food.
  2. Express his desire for
    something. Take one simple example, Gabbie will scream with his curvy
    mouth when he sees you boosting the motorbike because he wants to go along
    with you to the park.
  3. Close the door whenever he
    walks out of the house. My mom has a funny comment regarding this cute
    habit of his: “This little guy will make a good security guard in the
    future. He only knows to close the door and switch off the light whenever
    he goes out”. Ha ha ha… Very funny, mom!
  4. Hold and press the remote
    toward the TV hoping to change the channel. Well, Gabbie just doesn’t know
    the function of every button on it but he definitely knows that the remote
    is something to control the TV and can make some changes.
  5. Understand that wearing
    sandals or shoes means going out to have some funs!
  6. Differentiate different
    members of the house. Gabbie can point at my mom when I ask “Where’s your
    grandma?” and run to the door when hearing “Your daddy is back!”, etc…
  7. Doing exercise when you start
    counting “One, two, three, …” and Gabbie is more than happy to exercise
    sitting down and standing up in front of our lovely neighbors almost every
  8. Sing along whenever we sing
    him to sleep. This little guy has a good sense of music, I guess.
  9. Look at the mirror and comb
    his hair, even though he just creates another mess upon his head (Ha ha ha
  10.  And the best thing is… he kisses and hugs
    everyone in my family! Awww…

right, now I need to go to bed because tomorrow is an important day for Gabbie
and I’ve gotta help out organizing some food-related rituals. I’ll take some
pictures for you all to see how cute Gabbie is right now. Nite guys!



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