I’m struggling through my own nervous breakdown. Nothing easy and it’s
harsh on me. There is no physical pain but there is heartache. What can
I do?

1. Sleep and forget it all.
2. Cry it out loud for the whole world.
3. Do nothing, just sit down and think about tomorrow (it’s getting worse this way, however!)
4. Commit suicide (too extreme! and quite stupid!)

I don’t know, it’s just so confusing and frustrating. I’m getting more
and more on my nerve. Hell knows why. Sometimes, when I reach the peak
of my nerve, all I want to say is “Go to the bloody hell, all of you!
You, you and you… all go to hell”. Quite unreasonable, isn’t it? Like
today, I was battling with a customer over the phone and my temper
raged along the line. When my new boss wanted to talk to me about
something, he retreated after seeing me shaking my hands with anger. I
told him what happened and my voice trembled. Yes I know, I was super
angry and just spilled it all out, for crying out loud!

I, grrrr, am, grrrr…, very very, grrrr…., frustrated, grrrr…, and, grrrr, tired!

Grrrrrr………… (unlimited “Grrr”)

Time to take a break?!?!?


I guess!

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