Prayers are not wonders…

I never had enough surprise with our Lord. Like our Mr. Right always pops up when we least expect, God answers my prayer when I almost forgot that I’ve prayed about it so constantly. I have been praying but I completely swept the expectation of receiving the answer from Father. Simply because I knew God would answer in His own time, not mine. It’s impossible for me to tell when and to ask Him when. But He does answer, for which I am now giving Him thanks.

I have spent so much time to convince my boyfriend to go to church or talk about our Heavenly Father. But all of my efforts didn’t seem to work. I forgot to pray and in fact, I forgot about the power of prayers. One night, I was just so hurt from his firm “No” answer regarding my request that he should try to go to church. I didn’t know what to do, eyes full with tears, I sent my young pastor a nudge and started pouring out all my guts. He listened quietly and finally, when I finished my stream of painful words, he just told me shortly, “Sunny, pray!”. And I prayed…

I don’t know how many times I prayed about my boyfriend getting to church. I was wondering how. How can he go to church if he has no car and the church is half an hour away from where he is staying? I know Father will have His own way but I kept wondering how. I called my pastor again and he, again, told me in short “Just pray that one of our brothers/sisters will be his friend. They’ll make wonders.”. And again, I prayed. This time, it was more precise.

I kept praying and lost count of nights of prayers. Nothing happened. I was worried “Did God listen to my prayer?”. Still, nothing happened. That was when I found out that I doubted God, which I should never have done. I was sorry and instead of praying like commanding, I changed my words of prayer “God, I am sorry I doubt you, which I shouldn’t have. Make my faith strong again, please Father and You well know what’s in my heart and what I am praying for. Please bring somebody to him, so that person can bring him to You….”

This time, I didn’t wait for anything or expect of anything. I spent time to sit down and think deeply. Recalling the time when I was so stubborn to get to know God, I realized that somebody has prayed for me to open my heart when the Lord came to knock at the door. Not giving up, I continued praying for my boyfriend to open his heart when the Lord comes. I can’t remember when but I know I have been praying… non-stopped…

Then, he was talking to me another day and sent to me a few pictures. He went to enjoy an orchestra night with his English instructor’s family. And he told me they’re Christians. I startled, “Is it for real?”. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. I almost pinched myself just to make sure that wasn’t a dream. I felt like just catch a piece of gold. I had to calm myself down before jumping to him, “Honey, you should hang out more with them.”. I didn’t want to rush because I didn’t want him to think that I urge him to join my belief. But I said it not for the sake of testing the water but I truly felt happy and encouraged him to do so. Thinking a lil’ further, that would do him all goods. I gave him another shot, “Ask them to bring you to church. There will be funs… Lots of things to do, lots of people to meet and you’ve got a chance to speak English…”

“I’ll try!”, answered my boyfriend.

“Oh you should”, I gasped.

“Trying to seduce me to your trap, aren’t you?”

“It’s a matter of choice and it’s all up to you to choose”

“I’ll try!”, said he again.

I couldn’t say any more. That was more than enough for that day. I was happy, really happy, because my prayers got answered by our Heavenly Father. No bargain, Lord, no bargain! This is a spiritual life of a person, regardless he is my boyfriend, not any sort of good I can trade off in the market. It takes time and it may take a lot of time but I know Father will make my prayers come true in His time.

When I went to bed yesterday, I smiled with myself.

Prayers are not wonders. Prayers make wonders…

Thank you, Father!

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  1. VonElle82 says:

    =) this is worth the photo. we pray and we pray with conviction. praise Lord that he delivers. Continue to pray sunny dear!!!!

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