Crazy Kick-off at Pandanus Resort

I had a three-day kick-off get-away in Pandanus Resort in Phan Thiet Town, which is right next to the beach. The kick-off was completely full with fun and crazy activities…

As we went to explore the beach at night… Spot the evil ones!

So sad, the picture was a lil’ unclear… Still, try to spot for the evil ones…

Now look at the models in the dark, together with the flash!

And… more to join

And now here comes the evil and her victim! Give her a kick, hahahah….

Group photo of the devils wearing jeans…

And funny post…

As we had dinner in such a romantic garden setting with oriental lamps…


Not a gala dinner but everybody still dressed up nicely, even the “evil”…

Now look at a nice post that the “evil” did… Star-shining smile, isn’t it?

Wondering why there are all females? Look again…

From the left: Nga, Bich, Hanh Nguyen, Hanh To, Marjolein, Thanh, Clare, Jo-man, Ninh, and me

Those are for the female, the male are two “big” men : Nicolas and Phillip (from the left)

This is such a bigger group…
From the left: Bich (Accountant), Huyen (Hanoi office), Hanh Nguyen (Receptionist), Oanh Nguyen (Hanoi office), Oanh Pham (Senior Program coordinator), Thanh (junior program coordinator), Clare (sales manager from Hong Kong), Ninh (Country Program Manager), Marjolein (in pink, Sales Manager from Netherlands), Lan (Country Program Manager), Hanh To (Senior Corporate Program Coordinator), Jo-man (Sales manager from Hong Kong), me (hidden title), Nga (Country Program Manager).
And our only 2 handsome men (from the left): Nicolas (Country Manager) and Phillip (Program Director from UK).


The next day also at the beach… 6am (oh gosh!)

And then after playing with the sea, we moved back to the fabulous swimming pool.

More water please!

Uhm… Now raise your feet….Splash the water!

Thanh was in vain… (interrupted by me, hehehe)

After we got dry, we got back to the beach to take more pictures…

hmn… look at Oanh and me!

Hot babes, we are!!!

Argh… I was a shadow for somebody?!?!?!

Guess which is my foot?

Lunch before getting back to the city (and back to work … sigh!)

Waiting for the shuttle bus at the lobby!

We’re still looking pretty as usual (Ahem)

I’ll upload more pictures when the others in the office send to me theirs…

Fun and crazy kick-off get-away! Love it! Love it! Love it! And I’m going to Beijing for Asia Kick-Off  on Friday and will have more to tell you all, of course… And Beijing is so damn cold now, I’ve gotta grab myself a thick jacket before getting frozen like a dead fish there, hahahah!

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