Stay away from the bar or pub!

Well, I have actually wrote an entry in my native language about this but… a few friends popped in and then gave me a long list of complaints as following:

“Hey, why didn’t you write it in English? It seemed like fun story!”

“Uhm, sound like fun. But what was it about, you nut-head?”

Okay, after this, I think for myself that I should post an English entry about the incident (or you can call it an accident) that happened a couple of days ago.

I was “dating” with a good old friend (whatever you think!). He’s a guy and used to stay in the same high school with me. We went to a pub to have a couple of beer. I didn’t think that was something bad as the food should be served with beer. In fact, it tasted nicer with beer. I had a bottle of Heneiken and that was it. We chatted, you know, good old friends, lots of things to share and rant about.

“That isn’t enough. Let’s go for a coffee!”, suggested my friend.

“Fine! Let’s go to the XYZ cafe nearby my place!”, I responded supportively.

We paid and went to the cafe. It was a nice 3-storey villa with natural balconey setting and we chose a place to sit facing the main entrance of the cafe. We ordered fruit juice instead of coffee. No thanks, no coffee at night unless I want to stay sleepless. We continued our talk until there was a sound of cracking downstair. We paused for a second and then saw a bunch of young people rushing upstair … toward where we were sitting.

“They were teasing each other”, I made a light guess from what I’d seen.

But my friend did not quite believe in what I was saying. He started putting all his stuff into his bag and told me with cautious voice.

“I think you should prepare in case… there was a fight”

“Shit! Are you sure?”, I gave him a sharp glance.

“Run to the toilet if things go messy”, he emphasized.

“Fine…”, I reluctantly replied to him.

And, it was unbelievable! More people were running upstair and I saw all the waitors dragging the chairs and robs. They got all armed. Hell, it was quite serious, I thought to myself. I started hearing screaming voice, seeing a bunch of guys crossing the street and man… there were 2 guys breaking the bottles and started attacking the other guys from don’t-know-where. At this time, I pulled out my cell phone and called 113 (113 = 911 in Vietnam). Hell, it was ringing forever…

“Hello?”, a man picked up.

“Hi sir, there was a fight at the XYZ cafe in ABC street, etc…”, I hushed

“What? How many guys? Where again?”, he sounded furious.

“Sir, there was a huge fight in XYZ cafe in ABC street. About 10 guys, using broken bottles to stab each other.”

“Ok, on the way!”, he hung up.

My friend already dragged me to the “Ladies” room and pulled me inside. At the same time, a janitor rushed in and pointed at my friend.

“Hey, wrong place, Mister! Yours is right next to this!”, she commanded. Poor guy, his face was all red. He turned to me quickly, “Stay here ok? Don’t go out!”. I nodded.

Like a blast, he jumped out into the “Gentlemen” room and closed the door. Now all the breaking, running, beating, screaming, cursing sound were so close to us, all mixed up. I got worried, “Damn, where the hell are the cops?”

The fight lasted upstair for about 10 minutes and things went quiet again, finally. I stormed out after assuring myself that they were all gone. Looking down the street, I saw the cops chasing and caught 2 guys with white T-shirts stained with … blood. My friend came out as well, standing with me, shockingly looking at the place which was now became a battle field. Breaking glasses and bottles are all over the floor, tables and chairs collapsed, and blood was almost everywhere. OH MY GOSH!!!

“That isn’t a nice way to start a new year, you think?”, my friends shook his head while asking me.

“Hell yeah, I agree! Thanks God we’re safe! I think we should wear helmets while having drinks in the cafe or bar next time”, I said mockingly.

“Ha ha ha ha…. You’re so damn right! But seriously, we should just in case someone accidentally throws the bottle at us”, he laughed.

We drove home and I swore to myself that I would never ever go to that cafe again. I didn’t expect that things could be that messy. I’d been there a few times but there were nothing wrong after all. But this time, everything including the fight was a little bit too much for me. Safety first! I do not want to get a bottle right on my head while chilling with my friends.

By the way, I think I should make it official. I broke up with my boyfriend, who was supposed to be my fiance. Nothing much to say, different pathways lead to different points of view. I just wish him the best with whoever he chooses to be his partner. For me, I have different plans that I can’t write down here. Just to keep it for myself, mind you!

I was thinking of moving out and my mom has given me a huge fuss over it. She thought I am so desperate to have a man and spend time with him in a private room despite my reason of riding too far to the new office together with the horrible traffic jam. She won’t understand but then, she knew that I wouldn’t change my mind.

“You’re 25 already. You know what you want and how you should live. If you think that lifestyle (she means not living with the family) suits you, go for it. But remember to inform your grandpa and father about it. For me, I think it’s a selfish lifestyle”, she shot in furiosity.

Don’t scare me! I thought, Of course, I’ll rent a well-furnished room in a good place with proper security.

The thing is, my mom will never understand… If it is the time I have to move, it is time. Yes, I do wish for more freedom but not to blindly jump into a relationship and bring a man back to where I stay if I don’t intend to marry him. I’m already 25, there is no time to play around with men. Relationship is no joke! I want it real and I want it healthy. Anyway, mom just doesn’t want to understand.

Now I start wondering what my dad and grandpa will think if they hear me announcing solemmly that I will move out. I think me staying here in the house or staying in another house makes no difference as I go off in the morning and return late in the evening. But I am not sure yet as there are still a few things to consider.

I spent a lot on clothes lately and so did mom. She complained that I spent too much on unnecessary clothes but I told her “If I don’t enjoy now, when can I? You also shopped a lot, sometimes more than I do” and she kept quiet. Why does she always want to go against me? I just don’t understand!

Okay now, let’s go to sleep because my boss will appear in the office tomorrow. I’ve cleaned up my desk today and thanks God that I did.

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