Lunar New Year – Way too much to remember

This is a poem, I wrote at 1:03am, when the Vietnamese New Year Eve was just over. This poem is written for myself, somehow, I guess it does reflect part of yours.

A year, it’s a lunar year

Way too much to remember

Things happened, things got done

The “Pig” has gone; the “Rodent” is here.


A year just passed, and I sit down to look back

What I have done and what I have lacked…

Love, money, friendship and work

My life was sometimes just out of track.


Perhaps it’s time for me to give thanks

Thanks to my parents who have always been there

Thanks to my friends helping out from nowhere

Thanks to my bosses giving me both sweet dreams and nightmares

Thanks to my darling loving me with spectacular care

And above all, thanks to God for Your Love, Your Touch and Your Share


Here it is, time for my wish list

I wish…

Meeting you, my darling, when God allows

Being strong, my work, when things are rough

Having balance, my life, when I’m through ups and down

Blessing others, my pals, when I always have lots of love

All these wishes, I keep in my prayers, should start from now!


Year of Rodent, year of lucks

Year of Rodent, year of blessings

Year of Rodent, year of hard work

Year of Rodent, year of winning…


No more dreaming

Now just actions and work

It will come the time for rewarding

Just be patient and hope!

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