Mommy, My Mommy

I just can’t understand why I have such a conflicting mom:


Story number 1:


Once upon a beautiful day, she walked graciously into my room, pulled out my wardrobe door and then stormed out at my desk and gasped: “Can you just get rid of the mess in your closet?”.Why?”.Because I’m sick of it!”. “Mom, I believe my clothes are well folded and set in my closet”. “No, I mean your old clothes. They’re too old and I’m sick of them”. “Fine”.


And I took it as an excuse as well as motivation to invest into a “new” wardrobe, literally. Months later, she did the same motion and this time, she went like “Ehm… You’re spending too much on clothes”. “But you told me to change them. Come on mom, you shop every month and I shop all at once for the whole year. What’s the difference?”. “Who said I shop every month?”.You know it for yourself”. “I am not going to argue with you. I’m just telling you that you’re wasting time and money in this”.


The next day, she came back home with loads of new material and clothes. Well, I guess she’s just kinda forgetful about what she’s said the other day. Sigh… Mom!


Story number 2:


She is complaining about her working too much at this age (she’s 58 this year) but still loves going to work to show off her age-defying skin everyday.


I should not be working by now. I should be enjoying with children and grandchildren


Of course, everything is available for you to enjoy. You have your grandson, you have money (even though not a lot). Enjoy yourself! Stay out of work!”


Make sense!”


A moment later, I heard her phone conversation:

What? Ok, you know what? You buy in for me xyz of this and that. Sell them off. I don’t want to see them in the list now.”

Well, the price of abc has been down so much. I don’t want to keep it. We’ll be in loss if we keep until Monday

And the conversation went on for about 15 minutes. So she said she wanted to quit working and just enjoy? I guess she still loves the social network and of course, money more than free time.


Story number 3:


I came back home one day with my hair dyed with red wine colour. Mom was so fond of it but she snapped me, “Don’t ever do too many things with your hair unless you want to look like wearing a straw broom on your head”.  Guess what I did? To tease her even more, 2 weeks later, I came back home with my hair curled and dyed with red wine colour. And this time, she went “Aiya, this is just too much of you!”.


And guess what happened the next day? She came back home with her hair curled just like mine. Hmn… who said mommies never wants to be as pretty as their daughters?


Despite our differences, mom and I have kinda similar hobby, which is reading books. She reads whatever book that I buy and so do I. She loves making sweet desserts (cup cake, cookies, caramel egg tarts, jelly, etc…) to make me and dad fat while I love making new dishes for lunch. No wonder she always goes out whenever I stay home for lunch as she knows I’m gonna drag my scooter to the supermarket to shop for food. And dad is just more than happy when seeing both of me and mom are home on Sunday. Evidently, dad and grand-dad are eating more of things I cook.


My mom is a great grand-mom. Why? My little evil nephew loves her as she can spend hours playing with him while I already breathe like a mad cow after half an hour playing the game “Catch and Chase” with my nephew. Staying with my mom, my nephew cries less and he usually gets whatever he wants. Why can’t I do that, too, mom?


Mom always complains that my butts are big but she never encourages me to eat less. Well, I have to say my family have good and nutritious diet as we balance vegetable and meat for meals. She loves food and so do I and my family. Going around the food session in the supermarket, mom will pretend to go blind (just like I do). Well, you know what that means. She’ll close her eyes and just put almost everything into the cart while smiling happily. The funnier part comes along when she reaches the cashier counter. All kinds of complaints about pricing, packaging and quality of food will definitely disturb the cashier but it brings out a good effect on the checking and paying process though. The reason is the cashier is trying to get rid of my mom as soon as possible. Mom just can’t stop complaining.


Even though we don’t speak the same voice all the times, I love my mom for who she is.


P/s: Wait for my description about my dad!

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