I would take a deep breathe and exhale with a longest “Wowwww….!” ever!

It’s been a while since the last time I updated my blog. Xanga, as usual, sent me a very lovely message, something like “Welcome back! We thought you have forgotten about us, about your magical blog, for some reasons which we wouldn’t want or bother to know…”. Xanga, yes, I am back to you and to all my friends who already started cursing me for letting them so outdated for a long a time of keeping quiet like a snail.

Yeah, I am back with so many things to write. And now comes to the biggest question of the day (or of the blog):

What should I write now?!?!?

*Frown my brows for a second*

Okay, big news for those who hate me for letting them grow outdated: I’ve moved out successfully without much noise surely made by mom and dad.

Raise your jaws up, darlings! Don’t let your jaws drop!!!!

Yeah I know. It’s a big thing to say to you all. My flatmate is a Malaysian, isn’t it wonderful? Oh wait, the more wonderful thing is this is a guy.

Raise your jaws up, again, darlings! Don’t let them drop (again)!!!!

My life is more stable now after so many things happened. That’s why now I have time to sit and squeeze my brain for what to write. It’s been almost half a year since I joined HSBC Vietnam. It’s such a wonderful place to work. It’s such a wonderful job that I have ever had. It’s such a….. Ok, some of you start nodding with sympathy “Yeah, we understand. It’s just the first 6 months.”

But seriously, I’ve never felt like that before. I really enjoy my job. I really lovvvveeeee it!

(Oh gosh, do I sound like a workaholic? Well, no surprise, I already am)

My boyfriend is very worried now. That I’m much in love with my job, rather than with him.

Talking about my boyfriend, he’s good and we’re still doing fine. However, we have a little bit of issue here. We’re too busy with our jobs and studies and hardly find time to talk. Plus, the time difference really makes it difficult for us to converse over the super-connecting technology – internet. I miss his smile, his talk and his broad shoulders. I am very very very emotional right now! Too bad, he doesn’t read (or doesn’t want to read) my blog at all. So, I just silently wish that he could understand how I feel and what I think of all the times. Magic O magic, please work your way out!!!

My nephew, oh yeah, let’s talk about my nephew. FYI, my nephew is gonna celebrate his 2nd birthday at the end of July. Oh my gosh, let me tell you what happened this evening. I was just about finish my work of the day and my older brother called. He and his little family were in Phu Quoc Island for a short vacation. He asked if I wanted to talk to my little handsome nephew – “Tiny Dragon” (my nickname for him, a.k.a Gabbie). Now, this is the phony conversation between us.

Me: Ohhhh Tiny Dragon, don’t you just love the beach?

Tiny Dragon: Tiny Dragon loves it. Tiny Dragon loves the beach.

Me: Did you swim?

Tiny Dragon: Tiny Dragon goes swimming.

Me: Did you build the sand castle?

Tiny Dragon: Yes, Tiny Dragon played with the sand.

Me: And what else?

Tiny Dragon: Tiny Dragon saw birds flying, flying.

Me: Awwww…. You come back here. Do you want to go play with me?

Tiny Dragon: Tiny Dragon miss you, auntie. Tiny Dragon want to go play with auntie.

Me *wanted to cry already*: Come back! Come back! Tomorrow ok?

Tiny Dragon: Do auntie miss Tiny Dragon?

Me: Of course of course. Auntie miss Tiny Dragon, too. Auntie will talk to Tiny Dragon tomorrow ok?

Tiny Dragon: Tiny Dragon miss auntie. Tiny Dragon say goodbye to auntie now….

Me: Bye bye love! Tiny Dragon sleep well!

I didn’t fake even a single bit of this conversation. And I couldn’t believe that my nephew has been able to converse with adults as the age of almost 2 years. He’s a smart kid, I tell you, he really is a smart kid. I miss him very much. I think I’m gonna organize a little birthday for my nephew, with birthday cake and this time, he’ll be able to blow the candles (2 in fact).

*Looking at my clock*

It said 1am. It also means that I have to go to grab some sleep now. I have “Kungfu panda” tomorrow and i don’t wanna look like a panda, by the way.

Kungfu Panda – the most expected movie of this summer!


Ok, go to sleep!

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