Here comes the wedding season!

And I am not kidding, I am getting sick by hearing about weddings.

A lot of my friends are preparing for their fabulous Big Day some time within this year or early next year. All the Misses will become Mrs-es extremely soon.

Mom called me this morning at 6am just to force me to attend my younger cousin’s wedding during lunch time. She’s only 22 years old (while I’m 25), studying in South Korea and fell in love with a post-graduate student who is … 32 years old. Ten-year gap doesn’t seem to be a big deal nowadays. My mom showed a bit of her age today by mistaking my wedding cousin’s age with another older cousin who already had 2 kids. Hmn…. I thought my memory had something wrong. Instead, my mother’s had.

Having lunch with a guy friend today (I didn’t go to the wedding in the end), he also commented that people nowadays have a trend of getting married at such an early age, men at around 26 and women at around 22. I noticed it, too. Why too early? I have the feeling everybody is rushing for marriage. Are you guys scared of the inflation!?!?!? It could be a reason, I guess.

In my mind, there is no sign of a wedding plan to be found for now. I’m too busy working and enjoying my current life. Going to work and back alone and quite often dining with colleagues and friends already seem so good to me. I couldn’t care any less.

However, I need to prepare myself to listen to all the facts and talks about wedding because here it comes, the wedding season!

I can’t explain why but I know I need to hide!


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