Bad day

I had a plan of visiting my colleague’s place with a lush green garden and lots of fruit trees. My handsome flatmate is sick so he couldn’t bear travelling a long distance to enjoy the garden view with me. And when I woke up, I got a call from my friend.


T: You woke up?

Me: Yeah, wassup?

T: Go and get your bike. Ask your flatmate to come along.

Me: Really?

T: Sure, see you there.


I quickly reset my plan for today as I need to get my bike, which had been quarantined by the cops for a week. To be more exact, that was not my bike. My flatmate’s bike almost broke down due to its own age and overdue usage, so he decided to buy a new scooter. He’s not a local so I stood out to be the scooter owner on paper and he paid for it. We were on the way to get our scooter’s plate number and the cops stopped us. What a conflict system! Anyway, we have fought on and on against the cops but in the end, we were the ones who lost out. Well, the cops are the law. We will be losing out if we keep going against them even if they’re totally wrong. So, we still have to close our eyes and bribed them. No choice, I don’t want the scooter suddenly went missing in the parking lots, which happened commonly over here. After 10 days sleeping and eating on fire, we finally can get it out, TODAY!


I asked my flatmate to get ready to accompany me to see the cops. Poor guy is sick and couldn’t talk properly as his voice just wandered somewhere else. We got to the cop station and spend more than 4 hours just to get the scooter out safely and soundly. You can imagine how horribly we were tortured. And do you still want to listen to my painful story, by the way?


Let’s skip it! The scooter is safe in my parents’ house now. I couldn’t go to my colleague’s place in the end and felt kinda sad. My flatmate didn’t get any better with his flu and I was praying he wouldn’t pass it on to me. We went out for ice-cream later on but my flatmate, instead, suit himself with a cup of hot cocoa. Still, he didn’t get any better and I just forced him to rest after watching an interesting movie at home.


My plan of re-visiting Malaysia has gone down to the drain (again). Reason? Bad timing, of course. Sigh… Now my aim is the States in winter and I’m going to stay with Karen, my colleague (she’s from San Francisco) and will go skiing, wooohooo! I’d better save money from now for my ticket and skiing lesson. Hmn… Exciting!!!


My stomach feels so weird now. Perhaps 5 scoops of ice-cream created some special effects for my internal organs. *burps*….. ewww! Excuse me…. And I think it’s time for me to visit my bed.

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