Vacation – Get tanned at the beach

Yes dears,

I just got back from my over-the-weekend get-away after months of working crazily non-stop.

I went to the beach with another female colleague, who is on her core leave (The Bank has a policy which forces its employees to take at least 8 consecutive working days off. However, since my 2 leave applications have been rejected, I had to take shorter leaves). The weather there was wonderful, sunshine during day time, cooling in the afternoon and drizzling a little in the evening.


I was lazing around under the sun the whole day without any sun-block. I decided not to apply any sun-block as I wanted to get tanned and look healthy with my skin. So, I put on my bikini and lying around at the sand or besides the swimming pool. I brought my laptop but did not touch it at all during my vacation. It was such a wonderful feeling that I don’t have to think about work, just enjoy the sun warmth andthe sea breeze.

If my mom knows I was wearing bikini, she’d probably freak out as she thought I am too fat to put on a pair of bikini. But I still wore the bikini. Who cares, anyway? Look at me, elephan thighs, hippo waist, jumbo legs, dangling arms. Man! I’ve gotta need a plastic surgery to get rid of all the fat, unnecessary fat, just to look like either Miss World or some of the top models in my place. It means I will look definitely “HOT” when I wear red color bikini, haha!


But still, losing a few pounds would be good especially when I will feel a lot healthier and lighter when I move around. Gym O gym! And I think I should learn how to swim. It’s such a disadvantage for not knowing how to swim. And yet, I know swimming will help losing weight even faster and I can help a better shape over time. It will be difficult but I think I can do it. But first, I need to find out where I can learn how to swim and there is a rather clean swimming pool. Tough! Tough!

Anyway, I just got so tanned after the vacation and I’ll start looking for a swimming pool. I’ll post the pictures in the next entry. Surely you will scream out loud “Oh look, a hyppo wearing sarong!” Ha ha ha ha…. Funny, isn’t it?

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  1. VonElle82 says:

    u went to the beach without me!?u are so bringing me when i come visit you!!of course, i dont wanna wear bikini (yet) but i wanna borrow ur sarong and just relax on the hammock!!!!!!My leaves’ approved!!!

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