Apology to my blog




I just don’t know how many times I should apologize my beloved Xanga blog. It’s been a while until I saw spider net across my blog. Time to blog again, baby!


Work has been crazy and I’d gotta chased the deadline again. However, I took leave on Monday & Wednesday (Tue was a Public Holiday) to take Von and Narcea around the city. Oh yeah, have I told you yet? Von and Narcea were here for a trip. We had tons of funs and I had a chance to do things I’ve never done before. Things like going for 3 clubs consecutively within 1 night with 3 different drinks and we were floating at heart when we were back to my flat. Things like 3 girls going to the beach and screaming our lungs off in the Karaoke room for 3.5 hours non-stop. Things like 3 girls playing seek-and-hide game at the park with lots of people looking and mumbling to themselves “Well, 3 crazy tourists”.


After more than 2 years getting back to Vietnam, I am still regarded a foreigner who can surprisingly speak English with American-Malaysian accent. With the very tanned skin and curly hair, I am not surprised at all when local people came to me with a great smile and go “Madam, wanna buy something? Comb, postcard, candy, conical hat?”. When I talked back to them in Vietnamese, they would give me such a … look and flip “Are you an American-born-Vietnamese?”.


Hell noooooo!!!!


Anyway, I went back to work with 4 layouts waiting for shooting. Deadline! Deadline! Deadline! Thanks God the shooting was over and now I am working hard to get all the materials approved by the management in order to proceed with printing. 2 guys from the agency (and other guys, too) have been working very hard and I promised them that we will party to celebrate the successful launch of the products. And well, I was regarded as one of the nicest and motivating clients. Whoo hooo…. Well, imagine, you will never have the right to sit right next to the head of creative team to point out which part you want to change or fix up as due to normal practice, you must go through the account team and they will take care of the problems internally. But I have that right. *giggle*


I used to bring candy, chocolate and sometimes an ice-cream cake for my agency and just waited until they finished the cake and I’d give them a statement, “This is just another form of motivation to make sure that you guys always work harder and harder for us. Now here comes a new job”. They all turned green as if they got food poisoning.


“Yeah right, that’s really motivating”, they all said.




Last night, I went out with an old friend. A guy. We’ve known each other for … uhm… almost 10 years. Wow, 10 years! Isn’t that figure amazing to you? I also couldn’t believe it. This guy was like a big brother to me as he’s calm and possesses such a maturity that I didn’t see in the other guys in that age range. I was just too nosy before, trying to become the match-maker for him and some of my pretty lovely girl friends. In the end, none of these worked out and now he asked me to go out. I don’t consider it a date at all. I just adore him like I used to do. If he turns out to like me, *breath-chokingly thinking*. No good! No good at all!


Thinking about relationship, I am now scared of getting married and my mom kept pushing me for getting to know a new guy and get married before I am 26. Duh… I am just 24, why rushing? Unfortunately, my mom doesn’t think the same way. Perhaps she wants to have more grand-children. Mom, you’ve had one already in the house and isn’t he enough for you to catch your breath whenever you chase him around for taking shower or playing his favourite seek-and-hide game? Give me a break!


*catch my breath*


Oh wow, I can swim now. Yeahhhhhhh! I am so so so sooooo happy with myself. My right leg ankle got strained recently and I couldn’t go to the gym in a month (my doctor said so). So, instead, I went swimming 4 days per week and really felt good. My stamina was catching up with the good old days when I was still in high school or college. Feeling good, hmn…, feeling really good!


My 2 feet are swollen now as a wooden chair (quite heavy) collapsed and fell into my feet during the 2nd day of shooting. What a bad luck! I must go and fix up my trousers today as I lost weight after I got them made. I measured my waist line and you know what? It was reduced by 4cm. Just 3 weeks, oh my gosh! I looked ridiculous even when I added in a belt. They’re too loose and I must have them tightened more.


Today is Saturday and usually, Sat is my self-day. I did everything just to please myself. I went swimming in the early morning, then headed for my flat and cooked a good breakfast with veggie and 2 eggs. I went to the wet market and shopped for fresh food to make lunch. My lovely healthy lunch…


In the afternoon, hot chamomile tea and a book brought by Von are really good for my relaxation. Of course, I added in some music, relaxing types. Ohhhh I just love my Saturday. I am resting, really resting. In the evening, I can go out with a few friends for a drink (no strong alcohol) and music or just visit a bookstore and wander around there. Lovely!


I bought a pair of funky wedges from Gosto. Expensive ones! 35USD for a pair. They really fit my style. I could hardly find a pair of wedges that I love. Usually, the ones that I love do not have my size. Sad sad! So, when I found one with my size, I buy it straightaway. Why wait? I mean, why wait when you have a credit card? Okay, my debt for the credit card is as high as a mountain now but I am still ok as I got myself something that I’ve been looking for.


Suddenly, I want to have my hair cut short. My mom seriously objected to that idea of mine as she said my face is too round to try such hair style. Should I? Should I? Should I? I don’t know if I should but I think I’ll look funny. I need to wait for my hair to grow long and black again before cutting it short. Now I am curious how I am gonna look like when my hair is short. Sharp? Ridiculous? Stupid? Nerdy? Arghhhhh….


D. is in his final semester. At least he told me so. What’s next? I don’t know if he’s gonna come over to see me. It looks like he will but I choose not to say anything before it happens. He used to whine about me not proving my love for him but after a big teary fight 2 months ago and a Cold War followed after that, he seemed to learn that he should not force me to do things only for his sake. I have to say that I stay very low right now even though both of us are trying to maintain the communication to at least keep the relationship staying alive. I don’t know. I can’t say anything right now. I can only let God shows how I should go and if D. wants me, he will come over or we’ll meet somewhere else.


Okay, time for a short recharging nap before I go out again to fix up my clothes. I’ll update more after some time later. Yeah, I can’t abandon my blog anyway.

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