Catwalk or dog-walk

The conversation happened between yours truly and her flat-mate – JIT, when FTV (Fashion TV) channel was showing a fashion show in Milan.

Sunny: Just curious, why do they call how those skinny models walk catwalk?

Jit: Easy lar, because when the cat walks, it swings its hips and it looks gracious when doing that.

Sunny: Ok, the dog also swings its hips when it walks. Why don’t they call it dogwalk instead of catwalk?

Jit (with bullet-looking eyes): Sunny, the dog just wag its tail only.

Sunny (with protesting voice): No lar, if you look at the dog happily running to greet you, it swings its hips obviously. Why ah?

Jit: Sigh… I don’t know. Perhaps the dogs are too happy. The cats are much colder and see, see, the models are very cold too.

Sunny: Ok, so that is for female models, we call it catwalk as they swings their hips graciously. How about male verdettes? They do not swing their hips la, just walking straight like a robot. So what should we call it then?

Jit: Robot-walk la, if like that.

Sunny: Ah huh. Catwalk? Cannot. Dogwalk? Also cannot? Elephantwalk? Esk! Ahhhhh…..

Jit: Ahhh what?

Sunny: I found a word for it.

Jit: What word?

Sunny: Tomwalk. A male version of catwalk.

Jit: *faint* I don’t want to talk with you anymore.

Sunny: Mwahhahahhahaha……


A few pictures about my summer vacation at Mui Ne beach – Phan Thiet town. I was supposed to put it up earlier but I just got those pictures from my friends a few days ago.


At the seafood restaurant with Uyen.Mai – my colleague.


Chicken dance at the beach (I forgot to take off my sarong).


Where were we looking at?


Laughing at the “photographer”… can’t remember of the reason.


At the swimming pool of Pamilra resort – day 2.


Don’t you just love the pool and the sun? Fantastic looking, eh…


Okie, pose like you 2 are super models from FTV now! *command from photographer*


Close-up shot


We looked so so so …. yummy…..


Colors in strategy. We … rocked!!!


Hehehhehe…. The composition of colors for this picture was fantastic! I really love it!


Now another close-up shot!


Coco-beach Russian restaurant at night. Sexy babes with refreshing look…


Yay…. yummy yummy (actually we already finished almost all the food. Haha!)


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