10 things you can say to shoo your date away

Sheep rockers


Practically, I had a date. 2 weeks ago.


A guy, tall and fine-looking, whom my lovely younger blood-brother was trying to match-make with me, called me out for a drink at my favourite bar, Acoustic. Basically, we had something in common, we love live Rock music. And it was at the right time when I wanted to chill out. So, there I went, no fear, no shame, not a chance on a second thought.


We just chilled, doing a little toasting here and there and enjoyed the music. The conversation started and well, only until now, I realised that I had said a few stupid things that shooed my date away right in the first date.


  1. Honestly tell a guy that you are working at a xyz position (considerably high for a 24-year-old girl) in an ABCD company which is one of the top companies in the industry. Trust me, the guy will back off immediately and look at you with a “Wow…” kinda look.


  1. When he is trying to show off that he could play guitar, you naturally made a little scream, “Really? Oh my, I can play guitar and sing, too. Let’s play together sometimes”. Ah, you really put him off, seriously. I know ‘coz that was what I did to my date. Sigh…


  1. Share with him that you come back from overseas not long ago and you spent the entire 5 – 6 years studying and working in whatever country (quite far to your own motherland) while he told you he just finished his local degree. Well, I guess that was my biggest mistake telling him so.


  1. Drink 3 beers in front of him while he was trying sip his Margarita away. He will go like “Oh, you really can drink, can’t you?” and you say “Ah hah, not really a big deal”. In fact, it wasn’t my big deal but to him it was, seeing a girl drink 3 beers in a row doesn’t mean a silly joke.


  1. Sing along with the singer while the guy was trying to tell you that he couldn’t remember the lyrics of this song. Sorry, mind you, but I really enjoyed that song though.


  1. Answer your overseas phone call when he was trying to tell you how great your hairstyle was on that night. Oh well, Von gave me a call to tell me she found a room. How could I refuse not to answer? It was not an excuse, darlings, it was a real phone call.


  1. Tell him you are living independently even though your parents are living in the same city. Oh well, for these conservative guys, they will die with shock knowing that. They will probably go clueless for a little while, then decide “Oh no, I date (mess) with a wrong girl. She will never be a sweet-heart. She must have been so rebellious to stay alone like that”. Oh yeah, whatever, whatever…


  1. Surprise him by saying, “Hey mister, I am also a big fan of Marvell comics. Superman, Spiderman, Conan, The Incredible Hulk, Batman, blah blah blah”. Trust me, a guy will think you’re a man instead of adoring you as a lovely bright young woman.


  1. Tell him which scooter you’re riding. If he rides a cheaper one, it will definitely hurt his ego a lot. I didn’t mean it, I was just too too honest, by the way.


  1. Last but not least, don’t forget to tell him you’re sharing your flat with another guy and that guy is not your boyfriend. If you are lucky, your date won’t faint. If you’re not, you won’t see his face for the next hour…


And I have not seen him or heard from him in the past 2 weeks.


There goes my date, sigh… I thought I could have a bit of funs. And I also found out from my nosy blood-brother that my date was a year younger than me. No wonder…


Yeah, for the conclusion of this entry, most guys, especially the conservative Asian type, will only adore someone who is behind them, literally. They will love to tell a girl how great & talented they are and to hear the “Wow…” and “Really?” from the girls. They want to be a hero who can easily win a girl’s heart.


Sad thing is now there are more and more independent women (who are still sweet-hearts) who scare men off quite often with all those we’ve done. Good career, good money, good look, good taste and still, good heart.


Well, well, well. I am not beautiful, honey, I am just powerful.


I am empowered as God makes me a woman.


P/S: Luckily, D. never reads my blog. Haha!



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  1. Yvonne says:

    Ooo, I didnt even know that you’re on a date. Its hard tryin to impress the guy when ur mind are set to knowing its a date. Date: putting your best forward and concealing the “self-assumed unattractive trait.” Love,Von

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