My style for this season

The weather has gone colder now. However, that is for night time. For day time, I think I’ll still stick with my casual sleeveless style. Here the colours and styles I’ll go for this season.

Style #1: Going to the pool for hanging out with friends.

*Note: I am not this slim but still love and go for it since it’s so comfortable and convenient! Who cares what other say?


Style #2: Going to work


In fact, red suits me best and the cotton blouse is kinda loose and I’ll be even more comfortable running around the office with such style. I’m working for marketing so, I will commit to no suit. Thanks goodness!

Style #3: Going girlish for a while


This autumn dress is fantastic! I don’t need the scalf as I already had a handbag which suits this dress perfectly. I guess I’ll wear this when I feel like wandering around the centre of the city for a little while, popping by the bookstore or just drag my baby laptop and sit down in a nice and cosy cafe.

Style #4: Accompanying my nephew to the pool or the park


Definitely I’ll replace the long-sleeve top with a strapless, tube or sleeveless tee to feel more cooling. I love the knee-length pants in fact.

I can’t tell which style I am going for. Casual? Bohemian? Girlish? I guess it’s more about being casual. I love the comfort loose clothes brings out. Oh no, I’m gonna spend again on these clothes. Sigh….

What about yours?

*Source: Victoria’s Secrets.

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