Look at these latest pictures of Angelina Jolie !

Anggie 1 Anggie

And do you think she looks sexy? Focus on her legs please, and her arms, too.

I was going like this:




I will definitely call her a skeletony Anggie. My goodness, Anggie, you have Brad who loves you and the kids with all his heart, why worries about your weight? Please put on some weight unless you are having natural eating disorder. You are not following the Skinny-go-Bony trend of those Hollywood superbabes, are you? You are a mother of 6, Anggie. Please put on some weight in order to chase the kids around and tolerate their noise and other tricks they’ll play on you and Brad, pretty soon.

And according to a few local online news-pages, Anggie looks really HOT & SEXY with such figure. Are they nuts? They are promoting for girls to look at this as a model of how they will look like. You can look slim, but please, don’t look skinny, like some of these scary girls:

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie – pre-mom look –> bones & skins!

Paris Hilton

And Paris Hilton – Nicole’s once-upon-the-time best pal

Lindsay Lohan

Lyndsay Lohan – part of that Skeleton Trio.

kate moss

Kate Moss – Oh, the Heroine that helped starting the Skeleton Age.

*phew* I’m gonna have a nightmare tonight. Thus, I’ll look at these lovely ladies to sleep well instead.


Julia Stiles – Look how glowing and healthy she is, still chubby as usual.

Mischa Barton

Love this look of yours, Mischa Barton! But too much movies at a time, darling. You’d better regain your pinkish look faster!



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  1. I love how u think =) Thx for the blog, it cheered me up

  2. Anonymous says:

    I, honestly, don’t see anything wrong with how Angelina looks. Her face is glowing and her hair looks bouncy and soft. Someone with a serious eating problem, chances are, would look sick which Angelina certainly doesn’t. A lot of the celebrity pictures people see in magazines and online have been messed with or photo shopped to some extent. You can’t really judge unless you see them walking around in person because photos only capture a certain side or a certain angle anyways without the photo shop. Just my 2 cents. -Hannah

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