If I have an apartment on my own

 This is how I am gonna decorate my apartment. However, real estate here is crazily expensive and I don’t think of buying one just yet as I don’t know when and where I am gonna settle down with the man I love. So, now let’s just keep the idea of how my apartment / home is gonna look like.

Living room: Fantastic theme for me would be warm and cosy. I love the cosy feeling of round and thick sofa where my kitty can actually snore with 4 legs straight. The living room must be full of sunlight as illustrated like the below picture.

living room 1  

Bedroom: My idea bed will be


Or a little bit more messy like this


Or the can be a corner of the room with a simple yet Zen-style bed like this

Bed 1

Or can be white, clean and simple like this


 Actually this is the scene that I love the most with wood floor and white theme. It makes me feel like I’m actually living in a countryside home or a highland wood house.

Bathroom: Interesting topic. I would love my bathroom to look somehow like this.

Bathroom look   

Kitchen: Talking about kitchen, I love it to be white and made of wood, again (I’m not an environmental-friendly person, aren’t I?).

WhiteKitchen CT0309090k_1_l

Working space: Look, I just love this.


And a Cleopatra sofa to half-lie down and enjoy my book.


Lots of things to dream about but I really want to make it a sweet and loving home for me and my future husband and kids to live in. Ideas will be well kept here. If anyone of you (my brothers & sisters) has any pictures to share, please let me know if I can visit your blog. You know my taste already, don’t you?

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