Basically, I don’t have a flat tummy, never have had, in fact. Even when I was a kid, my tummy was round and chubby and everybody adores me just because of my chubby cheek and my round lovely tummy. When I grew up, started knowing why girls should have a flat tummy, I jumped into a war with my own self to get a flatter tummy. I often looked at the Beauty Magazines, whatever they are, to seek the ways for having a flat and sexy tummy. Exercising, doing thousands of sit-ups, eating less carbohydrate food, drink more water, controlling myself in front of chocolate ice-cream and comforting food, and a lot more… I achieved flatter tummy for a little while and I lost it again. It required lots of self-control and strict disciplines and I silently blamed people for creating so many seductive dishes and comforting food which perfectly fit in our emotion swings. I looked at a supermodel, back then was Cindy Crawford, and admired her body figure. I wasn’t born tall. I’m just having an average height which everybody thinks it’s already okay for me. In fact, I was a little bit haunted for being a big-sized person while the other girls are tiny, skinny and they could wear so many “nice” clothes.


Eventually, I can’t grow thin, confirmed by the doctors, unless I have eating disorder like a few “superbabes” now. I went through so many doctors and they all told me and my mom that this is genetic that I am big-sized and taller than average people. Just look at my grandfather, 5.8 feet tall 70 kilos weighed while my older brother is 6 feet tall and 89 kilos weighed (he’s a lil’ over-weighed though). So, I started moving from struggling stage to accepting stage, trying to feel happy with whatever I have and how I look like. And that was 8 years ago when I was in senior high.


Now, when I look and talk to other “hot” girls, I found out that I should feel even happier as I have what they don’t or can’t have. A pretty girl told me that she doesn’t know how to cook as her mother never allowed her to get in the kitchen, afraid she may burn something. Worse case, she can’t identify which spices or herbs consisted in the dishes, can’t understand why chicken costs 2 dollars per kilo but beef costs almost 10 dollars per kilos nor differentiate different types of vegetables. She even said with pride that if she doesn’t cook, somebody will; her mom, her boyfriend or her maid. I challenged her with this question, “So girl, in case you are left alone with just enough money to buy food but not for hiring someone to cook for you, what are you gonna do?”. She kept quiet and said she will prefer to buy fast-food. Well, it could be an option but your life can’t last that long with fast-food, can it? I found being able to cook is an essential part of a woman’s beauty. A wife who can prepare hot and deliciously yummy meals will keep her husband longing to go home and excited everyday with her cooking surprises.


Of course we don’t need to look like Jennifer Aniston with a flat tummy, sexy boobs or straight legs. We just need to be healthy as healthiness will boost up our outward charm. We also need to master other motherly skills to firstly, take good care of ourselves, and secondly, take better care of our family. My grandmother used to force me to learn how to cook when I was 13 years old by saying “Even if you’re a prime minister of a country, you must know how to cook”. Her words haunt me until now. Apparently, food and recipe talks are always interesting to talk about, to me and to those who enjoy food. And well, trust me, guys do feel warm and amazed when we tell them we know how to cook. I love cooking and love exploring new dishes. I actually went crazy when finding Everyday Mexican recipe books in the bookstore. I started having a vision about a bookshelf with full of recipe books. Unfortunately, I can’t cook everyday as I finish my work pretty late usually 7pm and too tired to think of anything exciting recipe for the day. So, I usually take the whole weekend to cook something nice and healthy to enjoy.




And I also love my mom’s cooking. She made quite a number of great dishes and it keeps me longing for Sunday as I know she’ll probably make something special for the whole family. However, my dad has his own nutrition principles which no one could understand or follow. Basically, he rejects the food my mom cooks and that frustrate my mom and up to one point; she swore not to cook for him for the rest of his life. But she still cooks for him until today, for certain days. I think it is horrible of my father when he rejected my mom’s good food. If my husband (in the future) does not appreciate my cooking while it’s not bad at all, I’ll tell him to eat outside and not ever complain why I don’t cook. An eater also needs to appreciate what has been offered for dining. But I think men will appreciate our good cooking as it carries a gentle reminder of their loving mothers. I don’t know about your places but in my place, there is an old saying, “A fastest way to reach a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Hmn, make any sense?


So, a flat tummy is not really necessary anymore. Uhm, in this case I think making a man’s tummy bigger is more necessary, hahah… Thanks God that I am not very much concerned about my tummy anymore although I’m still trying to get rid of the unnecessary cellulite wrapping around it. I need to cook more to enhance one of my motherly skills. For my future husband and kids, cheersss!




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