Something happened at night

“Aaaaagh… No no … Spray it! Yeah… Spray it! Spraaaaaayyyyyy it!”


“Yes I am spraying. Don’t jump around, I’m spraying. Stop jumping like a monkey unless you want me to spray at your face…”


“Noooo…. Yuck! Ewww…. Spray it!!!! I can’t stand it!!!”


“I know I know…. I’m spraying…………..”


And guess whom those words came from.


Jit was yelling, screaming, etc… everything to do with a loud-opening mouth and high-pitch voice that a man can do. We saw cockroaches running around in one of our cupboards under the kitchen base. Automatically, I jumped to grab the insect spray and started acting like The Terminator with the spraying “gun” while Jit jumped around, yelling like a domestic housewife who has never seen such a thing in her life before.


And I couldn’t believe it. There was a whole nest of cockroaches inside. Small cockroaches, big cockroaches, mother cockroach, father cockroach and I think the biggest one should be a grandfather cockroach or so. At that very moment, Jit and I had formed a team with 1 spray and 1 broom.


“Kill theeeeeem!!!”, screamed Jit




“Here here… sweep them off, NOW!”, commanded me.


And Jit is not a gay. In fact, he will get married next week in Malaysia. He just disgusts those dirty cockroaches.


“If my wife is here (they’ve already registered), she’ll probably freak out”


“Oh, I bet”, I said when having a cringe.


After all was done, we came to sit on the sofa, open all the doors and windows to clean up the air circulation. Suddenly, I saw 1 cockroach running out and it seemed like the spray had no effect on it. I jumped over Jit, just like a kung-fu master, reached out to my spray and sprayed it to death while Jit was staring at me in awe.


“Wow, you were more than Hugh Jackman in X-men”, he complimented.


“Thanks. I guess we should put the spray here in case any more of them run out to escape”, I looked around checking if there is any more cockroaches.


“You acted like a man, Sunny.”


“Oh well, otherwise, I guess you will collapse since I’ll jump on you and cling there till dawn”. I said with a smile.


“Ha ha ha… That’s very funny of you”, he teased.


“Trust me. But you. You should close your door while sleeping”


“Why? You think they would come in my room?”, doubted him.


“Why not? Your room is next to the kitchen, and I wouldn’t want to hear you screaming in the middle of the night. That’s gonna be so … uhm…”, I paused.


“So… what? So annoying?”, urged Jit.


“No, that’s gonna be so … uhm… girlish!”, I finally flipped out.


“Hahhahahahhaha……”, he gave me a long chain of laughter.


We called it a night shortly after that.




I came back to work today after an improper core leave. Tons of work came to slap at my face and spin me until I felt like I had fallen into an inescapable mess. I went back home with Jit after buying lots of fruits for our coming days. We have a habit of eating very little of cooked food but having lots of fruits and yoghurt for dinner. I guess that’s quite a healthy habit to stay light and strong. But my tongue was a bit chewy today. I always want to munch something… just something.


Oh well, period is coming again…


It’s already 2009, why do I still feel this is 2008? *look up the ceiling with a huge question mark*


Did I still have anything incomplete for the just-passed year? 2008, in sum, was quite a rocky year for me with lots of changes in my work, lifestyle, hairstyle, love life, and more. I actually put up a lot of hopes for 2009 and one of those very hopes is to get married with the man I love. Now, let’s look at the check list for my marriage preparation.


A man that I love – checked!


A theme for my lovely wedding – checked!


A target wedding gown – checked!


An apartment for both of us to settle down – checked (if he agrees to stay in my country)!

Money for the wedding – unchecked! This is a sensitive issue since I have been tight with my finance recently. Lots of things happened, that’s why.


A will to get married and settle down – checked!


The ability to take care of all the household affairs & to cook – checked!


Blessings from both families – unchecked (while we have not got the conclusion about our relationship just yet)!


It seems like a few important things have not been checked. Long way to go, still. I hope D. feels me. He also longs for settlement since we both can’t wait any longer. I really pray for a huge difference in 2009. Lord, please listen to my prayer and D., you’d better pray for it, too.


Oh… it’s late. I’ve gotta go and get some sleep now. Tomorrow, I’m gonna swim early again. Thinking of making a simple lunch for myself. I’ll see how it goes, then!


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