Never Like Before

Talking to you last night made me smile the whole day today. Mom was wondering what her future son-in-law told her daughter as her girl was giggling at all times. I was so touched knowing that you’re planning to come over to stay with me for a few months. I know you would like to explore my country & culture as well as getting to know my family and friends in my place.


Never like before, the intention of settlement is this obvious.

Never like before, I feel this happy.

Never like before, I have such confidence in myself about having someone who loves me for real in the end.

Never like before, mom approves my relationship.

Never like before, I am so in love.


Perhaps I am too overwhelmed. But why shouldn’t I?


Never like before, I met someone who knows how to make me smile yet still keep himself focused on what he need to prioritise.

Never like before, I felt so secured and trust the person who is keeping my heart.

Never like before, I obtained the assurance from Heavenly Father about the fruits resulted from this relationship.

Never like before, I am this ready.


Time is such a fantastic yet teary measure for my and his faith. We’ve been through tears, arguments, angers, frustration, happiness, broken-hearts, forgiveness and a lot of other things but look at where we are now, so firm & steady as Father is watching over each of us. Sometimes I just looked up the sky and went “Dear Father, didn’t I have enough of these?” and guess what God “threw” at my stubborn forehear?


“Only when you stop asking why & whether it’s enough or not”


After a year, now only I realised that God has kept us away from each other so each will complete his/her priorities set up earlier. I believe we’d be so distracted if we stayed together. Now when both are about to stabilise and ready for the next stage, we will reunite and see where God sends us to.


The year of the Rats has been just over according to the Lunar Caldendar and here approached with the year of the Ox. In Jobs 40: 16 – 24, there is a passage about the Ox with incredible strength & security while food is simply green grass and living sanctuary is only the river bank & besides the lotus. I really pray that Father will grant each and everyone of us (His children) such strong & positive attitude towards the chaotic life time ahead.


Oh dear, it’s time I went to sleep as I need to wake up early to head for mom’s place. My bed, here I come!!!

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