Mother-to-daughter conversation

It was Valentine’s Day and I had a chat with my mom in the kitchen when I helped her clean up after lunch. I couldn’t believe that my eyes eventually sparkled and my lips started singing when I mentioned about D. My mom’s jaw dropped and after a while, she went, “You’re so in love with him, aren’t you?”


Why not, mom?


She got to hear about the love story I had with D and still, she didn’t believe it because it was way too long that we were apart. Stomping to my intention of getting married, my mom just mumbled, “Oh so the fortune-teller was right. She said you would get married end of this year”.


“Seriously, mom, I didn’t know why you believe in those fortune-telling and it didn’t make any sense. That fortune-teller kept saying I would get married since 2006 and look at me, I have not even accepted any proposal”, protested me.


Mom just shook her head as an expression of protecting her points. After a few seconds, she went on to “question” me about my next steps. I hesitated and just simply gave her a quick assurance, “Mom, I’ll wait until he comes here and see how it goes. We may get married right away” and she stopped me right away.


“Sweetie, what you kept in your mind all this while was his image since college. You haven’t met him for years and you wouldn’t know how he has changed”


“Mom, you did not know about how our bondage grows. We’re close to each other in hearts and souls”, I frown.


“I don’t know about him. And in fact, I don’t know him in person. I would wait for him to come over and you can have more time to think for yourself if he’s the one. Don’t rush into marriage and marry the wrong guy. You know what I mean…”


At that very moment, it was my turn to let my jaw drop and my eyes stared at her in shock.

“You think he’s not the one for me?”, asked me.


“Well, I’ve never seen you’re strong & so in love with someone like that and I guess you really love him. That’s why I’m worried about his feeling for you. But I didn’t object to your relationship so far. He can come to stay for a while, get to know our family and culture, then you both can get married with my blessing”, mom slowly but smoothly flipped out her “lecture”.


How sweet is that? Mom is caring so much for me. She is worried that I’d end up in misery if marrying the wrong guy in just a blink of eyes. I agree with her not to rush but it’s just way too long to wait any further. But well, mom does not know much about D. I guess I should let him come and proves that he deserves her daughter’s hands. Even D has to say my mom is a wise lady when showing her concern about his feeling for me. I have trust, confidence and faith in the Lord that He will make it through for me and D.


In the flow of the story-telling, I continued describing about D’s home land. At one point, I was so excited about his national wild animal reservation park and my mom just quickly cut in, “Lady, just make sure you marry him for who he is, not what he has or where he’s from”.


It was a very strong reminder of how I love him unconditionally. I still do, so much that I always feel floating whenever I talk to D online. D is such a great chocolate man to me. He tries to make me feel happy even though we’re oceans apart. And deep inside, I know D is planning to come over to my place pretty soon but of course, he will never tell me when. He so wants to show up out of the blue just to surprise me and watch me going cuckoo or fainting due to overwhelming sensation.


That is a dream; it’s a dream of mine now.


Back to my daughter-to-mother talk, mom was giving a long series of lecture of marriage and settling down with D. She told me to think carefully because my age is not too young to be mindless but not too old to rush into marriage. That made sense to me. Oh well, it doesn’t matter now. I just need him to come, that’s all.



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