At the airport with New Moon

I just got back from Singapore after a weekend getaway. The trip was totally fantastic, for sure, because I carried 3 bags back home instead of 2 at the beginning. I couldn’t be happier with 10 books grabbed from Kyno Kunia bookstore. I was insane when finding 4 new books of my favourite British author – Marian Keye. Oh well, I wouldn’t miss a chance to bring them home. The books are so affordable in my amazement.


I went to stay at my friend’s place and surprisingly, the old couple who hosted me are also Christians. We chatted and they told me about their love story. He was a primary school teacher while she was attending a business admin course. They met in church and became friends. Years later, she felt touched as he recommended her a job. They started dating and shortly after that, a simple wedding took place where they served God. I grew to be over-sentimental with their love story. They treated me like their own daughter and uncle Wong kept me accompanied to the airport today to make sure everything went fine for me. I love them, I wholeheartedly love them.


Singapore is still a stable and risk-conscious country with so many people who are always on the move. They walk and the public transports are ready everywhere, which make me really feel that owning a car is completely unnecessary in this country. And their punctuality surprised me. The train came just at the right time, not even a minute late. Even though that was my 3rd time travelling there, I was still amazed. Or am I so used to the “flexible” timing of my people? Their infrastructure is very well built, too. Somehow, I kind of missed the messiness of Ho Chi Minh City. I don’t know why but I feel more comfortable with a society where you still find rooms for growth and improvement.


I was walking for entire 3 days in Singapore. I have not walked that much for a while so my 2 poor legs ached so badly after numerous “window-shopping” trips around Orchard area. And at night, seriously, I slept like a happy pig, satisfied with the books I got and not quite less, with my exhausted body.


Could you imagine standing for hours in the MRT or trailing along the flooded road? Oh, I forgot to mention, it was raining horribly during the days I was there. I guess there was a heavy storm in either Malaysia, Indonesia or Philippine. It kept raining and I almost swam along the road, still. At the end of the day, I was still looking cool in jeans and tees, thanks God.


And there, I also went all the way to China Town to get some cool slinky slacks and a funky top with tropical colours. It was so cheap, much cheaper than what I could imagine of. Oh gosh, the “shopping” blood was boiling inside my veins again, flushing my heart and head with firing desire for grabbing unconsciously everything that pleased my “hungry” eyes. In the end, I got 3 items in my bag. My lil’ ex-brother-at-work kept telling me, “Sunny, get yourself this! Sunny, go for that!” and I seriously wanted to kick his **s, “Oh please, just shut up, will you? You are torturing me by mumbling to my ears about getting those… Oh my gosh, can you see this??? It is beautiful…” and my bro just shook his head, showing his sympathy toward my distracting syndrome.


I also took time to go for a movie. You could probably know which one it is. Not The Pink Panther 2 (although I am crazy for Steve Martin) nor Marley and Me (still adore Jen Aniston), I picked He Is Just Not That Into You just because I could see all the stars there (Jen Aniston, again, Ben Affleck, Scarlett Johansson, Justin Long, and Drew Barrymore… Oh I love Drew!!!). Correct me if I am wrong but I heard Drew & Justin Long were back to each other again. Drew played a supporting role of a desperate advertising designer who always dates a wrong guy (two-timer or lost in gender identification types). But she was still broke my heart with her sweetest charm that I couldn’t find any other actresses. I almost cried at the end of the movie but it turned out to reach its happy ending as in its original novel book. I sighed with relief, otherwise, lots of tears would be shed if Jen couldn’t get proposal from her 7-year boyfriend – Ben.


But seriously, men are totally not interested in you if they don’t call you back after the first (blind) date. And well, people there (in the movie) were trying to hard to create expected chemistry. Me & Dan? Oh, we never need to create such chemistry because it’s always naturally there between us. Well, stop stop stop! Don’t let me go crazy with this matter again because I tend to miss him badly now.


Ah, before I forget, let me give my appraisal to Starbucks. I admit I am addicted to Starbucks. Their coffee… shake, so-called Caramel Frappucino just drove me crazy with the sweet scent of caramel and mild coffee fragrance well-smoothed with ice. I ordered a Venti container this morning just to satisfy my very desire of a last hour before my flight. I can’t find Starbucks, that’s why. Oh Dan, I’m sorry but I am not missing you alone, I miss Starbucks, too.


From the books that I got, there are two from The Twilight Saga. The first one, of course, was Twilight and the second one is the most-expected New Moon. During the flight, I was already half way through New Moon. It wasn’t that complicated to follow the story flow. It was, uhm, simply just teenage love story. I recalled of Harry Potter and the storm it and its movies created amongst both adults and kids. This one is pretty much working the same way but for teenagers. Well, let me say I do not expect much from this kind of novel because I am, on the other hand, a big fan of The Underworld series (Kate Beckinsale) and Blade (First, Second & Trinity). Perhaps because of my age, I want something more mature and because of my taste, I want something more actionable, not just some clumsy teenage beauty who tries to go anti-sociable and on the other hand, dies to be with a godly-beautiful and immortal vampire whose actor eventually stole millions of girls’ hearts. I admit Robert Pattinson is good-looking at his age and he possesses such a mysterious glance that every sweet-sixteen girl would die for. If I want to adore Robert, I just wish he could be 10 years older and grow to be a bit more like Hugh Jackman. The masculine man with rough outlook and is always up for actions. That will definitely do me a lot more good. Fancying Hugh doesn’t mean that Dan is not good-looking. Well well well, adorable movie star and lovable boyfriend are two different story for a 25-year-old girl like me. I am not that stupid to keep dreaming about an unreachable man who lives in a world of fabulous events, awards and constant travelling. I’m still an ordinary woman who carries a will of settlement in her heart at all times. So, to Dan, my loved and only man!


Oh dear, it’s pretty late now. To be exact, it’s not that late yet but I wanted to continue with New Moon to see what Jacob (the young generation of werewolf) up to with Bella (the clumsy girl who fell for Edward Cullen, the vampire to die for). I always know Jacob has a crush on Bella since childhood but he was trying to buy her in slowly when Edward is totally gone. Opps, I shouldn’t have told you about this. No fun! Why don’t you guys just go and explore what they’re up to? I catch y’all up later…


For tomorrow is the day of work and stress!!!


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