What a damn jeans size!




I am going to have a translation section for a doctor today about using nutrition supplements and I left my favourite jeans in Singapore in my previous vacation. This morning, I almost threw out everything inside my closet to look for a pair of proper long jeans with dark colour and it came to my horror that I had none. Oh my gosh, so for all the 3 freaking long years, I was having only 1 pair of jeans. You heard me, 1 pair. It came to my mind that it’s time I shopped for another one. So, I went around becoming a one-off shopaholic.


There was no hope for me looking for big-sized jeans in Vietnam as almost every chic is so slim or skinny that Kate Moss would get so jealous. Their bones are tiny and the average jean sizes they usually shop for will be freaking 26 or bloody 27. If you come in the shop asking for size 29 or 30, the promo-girls or guys will look at you as if it was their first time seeing a whale. A whale for real!


Trust me, because I got that kind of look all the times. Up to one point, I wouldn’t care anymore. I just played cool, acting like a fabulous celebrity who is proud of her 32-inch hip line. And suddenly, I remember the case of Jessica Simpsons who got tons of critics when she showed off her outrageous butt stock. And she didn’t care about world’s words either. Keep singing and keep smiling, Jessie the canary. I believe people love you because you have such a long and wavy gorgeous blonde hair and your high-pitch voice.


Back to my case, this morning, I listed 3 jeans shops I would drop by. The first will be Giordano, second will be Levi’s and the third will be Mango MNG. Don’t you think I’m a branded person? No I am not, definitely. I just have such an innocent belief that these international apparel outlets will accommodate for all sizes as they’re international and they should have international standards, one of which is having big sizes for whales like me to come and shop. So here’s how my jeans-shopping journey went.


I quickly parked my dirty Jacqueline and a good-looking tanned security guard opened the door of Giordano outlet for me with a great smile. I already felt happy and told myself that I could really shop here. And to my excitement, their summer collection has just arrived and the promo girls were more than happy to guide me around looking for a pair of jeans I like. I found out, eventually and asked with all honesty, “May I know that you have in stock size 32?”. One of the girls’ face sank. She went on slowly, “Miss, the max size we have is 28 here”




“Yes, we only have size 28”


“You know what? Could you please tell me where your other outlets are so I can go there and ask for a bigger size than 28?”, I gave her another try


“Miss, everywhere is the same. 28 is our biggest size in Vietnam”, answered her


I was speechless. What the hell was it? 28 is their biggest jeans size in VIETNAM??? It was totally unbelievable! But the promo girl gave such a firm look that I had to believe it was true. My heart completely sank and shortly after that, I left the shop with a great disappointment.


I lifted up my hope again when thinking about Levi’s. I was so sure that Levi’s would have big sizes because they always have in Thailand, Malaysia or other Asian countries I’ve ever visited. They have even up to size 38. Not all Vietnamese can wear size 28 anyway. So, I was so hopeful for a brighter part of the day again when riding my scooter there.


About 10 minutes later, I already stood in front of a so-claimed biggest Levi’s store in Asia. Seriously, this shop has been on an article saying that it was ranked the biggest store in Asia since other Levi’s stores or outlets are much smaller and tend to shy away in a shopping mall.  And again, another handsome tanned guard opened the door to welcome me in. I was feeling so confident again that I was going to have my favourite pair of jeans this time. Levi’s should, to be more correct, must have big sizes for customers like me.


I was guided by another sales girl who looked so cute in low-cut navy blue Levi’s jeans and white tank top with printed graphic illustrating Levi’s logo in front. Her hair was dyed blonde and she also put up smoky makeup to look a bit more like a little cute rocker. I stared at her for a while and wished she could have a little tattoo on her neck or wrist and then she will totally look like a rocker without so many efforts.


Again, I found out the jeans colour I was so fond of and after twisting the jeans to check on the cutting and stuff, I called the girl to ask for size 32. What I got in return is a reluctant head shake. Still not giving up, I asked if she could call another outlet to see if they have in stock the jeans with bigger sizes. She shook her head faster this time. Her eyes darkened, realised that she could not sell a pair of jeans to me now. She couldn’t help but giving me the expected painful words, “I’m so sorry but 29 is the biggest size in stock now for all types of jeans”.


Ohh… I released a sigh. At least they have size 29 (a size bigger than that of Giordano). But still, it was absolutely not my size in the end. My heart sank one more time. I swallowed hard but then I saw a nice and big jean bag with so many Levi’s words on it. I stared at it for a while and decided at least, I didn’t want to get caught empty-handed while getting out of this store. So I bought it. And I left. I got myself 7 pieces of tops and finally reached my flat with burning skin.


I was still persistent with my current size and intended not to reduce it. I still go swimming 3 times per week. You may be surprised and ask why in the world I only go swimming 3 times per week instead of 6 previously. Put the blame on my workload darlings. I am always excited at the beginning of my working days and when looking at my to-do list of each day, my smile got wiped off. Just like Marian Keyes wrote, “Busy is a way of describing it. Inhuman is another one”. Oh yeah, come to me, baby workload. Let me scrub you, undress you and settle you down nicely so that I can go home and have dinner on time. Otherwise, it is gonna be my stomach’s turn going on strike. Together with my bloody stomach, my shimmering workload will jump in and gives it a hand to kill me even faster. And tadah, there goes my life. Yet I didn’t lose even half a pound lately. I’m not pissed. I’m just upset that I couldn’t get my jeans today. That’s all.


Again, what a damn jeans size!



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