Dear home,


I have just had a very surprising yet satisfactory conversion with both mom and dad this afternoon.

The thing is I am going to move back to my just-moved-out-of-for-more-than-a-year home. And just as I thought, grandy was very pleased to hear it straight from my mouth.


And the thing is Jit is going home soon, as quickly as he decided to inform me a few days ago. The reason was kept in secret between us but I knew it’s time for me to find a new place or a new roommate or just simply debate with myself about moving back home. Tough choice but moving home seems to be the easiest of all. And the reasons mom gave me to move back were:

1.     Closer to my family

2.     I got Auntie Hoang to help in household chores

3.     Extended curfew

4.     No need to cook

5.     Save more money

6.     Last but definitely not least (in fact, it was a bit overwhelming to me at that moment), mom agreed to cough out RM 10 grand to renovate the entire upper floor for me to settle in.


Oh my gosh… It was absolutely unbelievable! Mom agreed to renovate the entire upper floor for me to move in at her own cost. Not just renovate, she decided to fund all my furniture, too. New mattress, new sofa, new bookshelf, new big grand closet, new TV shelf, new iron board with new iron for a complete set, new window curtains, and I can’t remember all of them. She even gave me suggestions about how to make more doors for the room to collect all the natural lights, how to choose colours for the curtains and how many layers, and which type of mattress for preventing backache, what kind of sofa and which colour it should have, blah blah blah… My head was spinning as if my mom was about to give me a hundred millions to buy my own house.


It is totally, extremely and incredibly unbelievable!!!


And my poor confused head is still pounding like crazy. Was mom serious? What if she cut her sponsor half way and I have to suffer all the remaining expenses? I couldn’t believe, trust me, I couldn’t. I usually had to fight hard or work hard for what I am want to get while my older brother always gets whatever he wants without working hard or even paying for it. Perhaps mom realised how unfair she was when she gave me almost nothing for what I am asking for. I paid for my own scooter, my own home, my own food, my own bloody entertainment, and a lot of other things. And until now, I am still stiffly single. No stupid or blind dates, no maddening clubbing nights or whatever which usually reflects a spoil lazy or useless brat.


But ten thousand Ringgits were not a lame joke, mind you. It’s a huge amount for an about-to-reach-mid-career girl like me. I will need to save for half a year for such amount of money. Ten thousand bucks. Goodness! I couldn’t stop pinching myself to ensure it wasn’t a stupid and hopeless dream. I never dreamt of mom giving me money. Not at all. Oh, I did dream of I myself giving her money as a token of gratitude. But not her, for goodness’ sake. I’m out! I’m out! I’m out!!!


You all can tell how shocked I was at that moment. But again, when my heart was raging with surprise, my head started racing the negotiation list to make because I was very well aware that mom always asks for something to trade off. And I was correct. She asked me to be home early, by 10pm. Goodness, I usually finish work at 8pm and I have to be home by 10pm? That was the most ridiculous curfew ever as I am no longer schooling. I started giving her a tough time debating about how early (or late) I should be home and in the end, she gave in with the idea of locking the house doors with a thick chain so I can pull out and unlock the padlock with my spare key. The latest time will be 1am and I can only reach that curfew limit once a month (in case I go clubbing). First deal was done.


Then I listed out who can enter my room. Mom agreed that I can lock my room and she would inform me in advance if she wants to spend quiet time or read books on the shelf so I can give her the keys before I’m heading for work. My nephew is strictly prohibited to step in unless I allow him too. He got my old room down-stair with full of his toys and clothes so he needs to learn how to respect his aunt’s privacy and territory. That would apply for everybody else except my grandy as I know grandy will be so exhausted to reach my room. Mind you, he’s close to 90. So, second deal was done, too.


I agreed to pay for half of the food purchased every month and auntie Hoang (the maid) will cook extra for my next day lunch. She will also help ironing my clothes when I am responsible for washing my own clothes. The good thing is my family has a big laundry machine on the ground floor. So things are much easier that way. She will help cleaning my room once a week as she stays on the same floor with me in another room. I will share the bathroom with her so mom suggested to put in the bath tube but I found it unnecessary to do so. I just need a large shower cubicle to prevent the flooding floor and to allow auntie use the toilet or basin when she needs without disturbing my shower. Mom agreed so third deal passed out.


Mom also requested for my weekend cooking as I always do. My duty is to please grandy and dad with my fantastic & innovative cooking skill. So far, dad loves all the barbeque stuff and Italian salad I made. Mom will make more dessert as she knows I love them as much as the main courses. At least, besides my nephew, mom is having another person who happily eats whatever she creates. So, fourth deal was clear.


I will have an absolute freedom to select the furniture I like and she request for a broad sofa if I ever think of one so she can sit comfortably and read her books. I decided not to put any TV in my room to make sure I spend time with my family. A working desk will be made so I can work on my laptop. Mini hangers will be provided for my 2 lovely guitars, Kelly and Miranda. My cats, Tom & Kate, are allowed to enter my room but I am not sure if Tom can since he’s way too old and will breathe madly if he climbs up to the 2nd floor. But I will reserve for both Tom & Kate a sleeping nest besides my bed to make sure they won’t settle on the sofa.


Dad agreed to clean up all of his dust-collecting stuff he stored for several years in the balcony in front, just for the sake of welcoming me back and keeping me staying. Mom also asked me to stay even when I get married but it would be up to my future husband, too. Mom never wants her grandchildren to be away from her. She wants to cook for them, sing them to sleep, read books for them, play with them, change for them and perhaps everything a mom (not grandma) should do apart from breast-feeding. Now, don’t you just think my nephew is a little bit of a lucky little boy with a loving grandmother besides him? Yes, it’s totally enviable, I know.


So, dear all my darlings, dudes and pals, I am going to move back to my lovely home in June. I will give it a month to be finished with renovation & furnishing. I believe this is the best solution for everyone in my family including myself. So, keep praying for me and my new studio so when you come over, you will have a room to stay for a few nights.


Until now, I still couldn’t quite believe in what mom said. Ten thousand ringgits.


Tonight is going to be a sleepless night, I tell you.


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