Maison de Bunga


I always fancy a fashion house named “Maison de Bunga”. It means, somehow from what I understood, “House of funs”. I visit that shop almost every month and it never fails to please me with cool & colourful tops or dresses. There is one point I need to make. I am not fitting in any type of fashion but kinda look for something a bit more exotic but still elegant enough to wear for several occasions. Call me picky but that’s how I select my attire.


I went there today, 2 days after receiving their text message about April new arrivals. When dangling around with huge eyes on a bright red flowery top, I didn’t stop chatting with the shopkeeper. I regretted soon after for not bringing my camera to take her picture. She looks so cool and skinny, so skinny that I came across a thought that she could be a druggie. But no, her skin still glows she’s just naturally skinny. Her hair is cut short, like a guy’s hair. I guess I am not the only one who got upset with the sun and decided to wave my long hair goodbye. She wore a green shirt with folded sleeves and super-tight jeans and a pair of Converse shoes. She really looks like a guy, seriously. Her heart-shaped face always presents a welcoming smile which warms up my heart and tired mind a little. She has a short yet sharp nose, single eye-lid and really carries a pure Asian look.


Oh, before I forget, I saw her two tattoos. A small heart with roses and leaves dancing around on her chest and another small eagle on her left upper arm (quite near to her armpit). I suddenly flipped out a short “Wow” and then went on to compliment on her tattoos.

“I quite like your tattoos. Where did you get them?”

“Uhm, I got one in Thailand”, she pointed at the heart with roses tattoo on her chest, “And this one was done in Japan”.

“Oh wow… amazing. You look so cool with that”, I grinned at her.

“Oh yes? Thank you so much!”, she suddenly took a bow in front of me.


The chat went on but focused on another topic I found so interesting.

“You’re not a Vietnamese, are you?”, I frowned.

“Oh no, I am not. I am a Japanese”, gently replied her

“Wow… really? I couldn’t believe it. You speak Vietnamese so well, really”, my eyes are wide opened, staring at her.

“Oh thank you”, she slightly took another bow.

“No wonder you speak with a clear yet strange accent I’ve ever found. How long have you been here in Vietnam?”

“5 years already. Not a long time yet, I know, but I love this country and I love the language, you know. Your language is so beautiful and melodic, not so stiff or harsh like mine”, she then stopped to gasp.

“Nah… I don’t think Japanese language is stiff. It’s just you know, strange to my ears. But I guess if I stay in Japan for a while, I will find your language beautiful, too”, I told her without a blink.


I hopped in the fitting room and tried the tops I’ve been looking at. That girl was efficiently yet politely rushing around to look for my size. Then she helped me to zip my tops with a broad smile on her face as usual. I offered several comments about the tops’ cuttings and colours and she kept nodding while listening tentatively to me. Very naturally, she was doing in an excellent customer service. She cut in once in a while to tell me how the designer (also the owner) of this shop works. And to my surprise, the lady with round specs I met the other day at this shop (whom I thought was another old and odd shopkeeper) is the owner and designer of the shop. No wonder all the clothes selling here are never extreme but very elegant and somehow mature, yet still playful with colours and cutting. And for a collection, there are maximum 2 items for each size, which maintain the uniqueness of the apparels in an acceptable level. That’s also why I love this shop that much and tend to come back every month to anxiously and curiously seek for the new arrivals.


Back to the girl I talked to, she was still very cool-looking in my eyes even if based on the “standards” of Victoria’s Secret, she scores zero on the ladder. But somehow her style is pretty unique and I feel so comfortable with her around. With more than an hour, I walked out with 3 colourful tops. This will keep me happy for this public holiday. And well, I am going on a 3-day vacation tomorrow to clear up my mind and definitely to spend time having funs with a group of friends. I told myself I deserve it because I’ve been so busy, so exhausted and so stressed. Yeah… Oh jezz, I have not packed a single thing. Oh shoo…. Gotta go and pack now. Otherwise, I’m going to be naked on the back of the elephant. Lols…


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