Good Lord,

I finally can type something for my abandoned-for-ages blog. My poor laptop broke down terribly and it is still in the workshop now. There are so many things to talk about now and I don’t know where to start with. Let me see. Okay, why don’t I just do a little of bullet-point kind of thing? It will save all of us loads of time.

1.   Guess who I met? Karen who got back from the States. Easy, guys, she’s a real American and this time, she shocked me with a 5-month pregnant tummy, round and kind of huge. She got married with her forever boyfriend, Pete, last year without so many people knowing about that. But gosh, she was pregnant. She’s going to have a baby. And gosh, I’m so happy yet nervous for her. We talked, we chatted, we dined and we continued to talk as we just met up again after more than a year. Loads of things to catch up with each other.


2.   Guess who I met today? Gloria who was my college mate back in Malaysia in 2003. She’s working for KPMG auditing firm now and just moved to Ho Chi Minh for 2 weeks. She used to be based in Hanoi but finally decided to get away to reunite with her boyfriend, a Vietnamese plastic surgeon. Again, we did a chatting brunch (breakfast then came to lunch chat) about everything, everyone we might know of and every single details about how she met her boyfriend and how she was still struggling in Vietnam. I invited Gloria to join my barbecue party tomorrow evening to meet up my gang of angels (that may sound a lil’ scary though) since she knew only a few people in HCM. She eagerly said YES and would get her boyfriend to join, too. Woohoo… we’re going to have a big crowd on my balcony tomorrow.


3.   My room has not finished the make-over yet. Mom just finished machine-sewing my curtain (which I was so proud of since it costs me a fortune for the material) and she would attach the hanging rings and set up for me shortly after this. I love mom, she’s the best, especially in these moments when I am so lazy to make my own curtains and got so screwed up with work.


4.   Joy, my lovely lady pug, has finally caught her very first period. Errr, what could I say? Oh, let’s celebrate because Joy is finally adolescent. She started getting shy whenever a male dog was rushing by my front door. Mom got furious about the possibility that Joy might get pregnant whenever we have her out of sight. “There should be a birth control solution for this lady”, hissed mom. And as a result, when her period is over, I’ll take Joy to see the vet for a shot.


5.   Work is getting tougher. I was informed to use up all the budgets I was assigned for and it came to my fear that I will have to handle at least 3 – 4 projects in the final quarter of this year. Bloody hell, to my super “bright” future! *Toast*


6.   I know, some of you already jump up with “How about your love life, babe?”. Can’t tell here, too sensitive and I have the right to protect my own privacy, dah. Love life is good, emotions are stable, finance is shaken badly but I am still smiling along the day. The sun still rises and the night still comes. So let tomorrow worries for itself, not today, of course. What did you say about it? Ah, take one step (day/ night/ time/ blah blah and blah…) at a time. So I’m okay, and I’m not worried. Not at all.


7.   My niece, April, started to collect my look day by day. Mom is so proud because she looks exactly like her auntie (me). I couldn’t believe it but it’s true. Mom showed me the picture of my 3-month-old baby stage and compare with April rolling her eyes and nodded her head in approval, “She looks just like you, honey”. Oh, and do you know what it means? When my niece looks just like me, I will not be able to make her look bad. I will have to dress her up beautifully and bear all costs to grow up beautifully, intelligently, maturely and funnily … just like me. Perhaps some of you will shake your heads, saying “OH, you just over-react over your mom’s statement” but come on, that’s my mom. Her every word carries a purpose and meaning, for goodness’ sake. Anyway, I bought April a couple of cute infant dresses (pink and white with multi-colour polka dots) so I will wait until she is 6 months old and will shop for another batch of dresses again.


8.   Oh, before I forgot, I just met Carol, a 50-year-old-ish British lady who just started working in Ho Chi Minh a couple of months ago. She is such a lovely and funny lady who cares so much about Vietnamese people. No doubt as she’s working in education line and I happened to meet her when I went for my early swimming shift. She’s tall, slim, having healthy skin with beautiful smile. She proposed for a dinner next week which I’m so keen on joining as I’m sure there will be loads of things we can talk about. Sometimes, I just wonder, why am I talking so much all the times? And why are there so many things I’m interested in? And why are there so many people who are interested in talking to me? I don’t know why but well, meeting new people with new things to talk and laugh and learn about is a privilege, I think.


9.   I am on the very very last book I bought from Singapore. I bought more than 10 books in Mar and now I almost finished everything. Fortunately, I am about to leave for Reuben’s wedding in Malaysia in mid August so I can now list out what to buy from Kino Kuniya or MPH again. Yay… book shopping time!!! *surf, surf and surf*


10. I promise you, this is the last bullet point for this entry. I am going to have a barbecue party at my house tomorrow. The menu is tremendously delicious and my gang loves it. I’ll ask Pika to take pictures of the party and show up on Facebook or this blog for the next entry to show you guys how fun it will be.

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