How does it feel like when moving back home?

It was like 2 months ago…


Oh wait a second, I didn’t purposely choose this head line. This was just the question my friends/ colleagues/ relatives asked me all this while when I moved back to my parents’ place. I informed you guys weeks ago, I believe (*scroll down the mouse to check on the previous post*). Yes, I did. So, well, how does it feel like when moving back home?


Firstly, I wasn’t that comfortable since the room was not fully furnished. I just had:

         The entire new room (empty) with white colour

         The brand new air-conditioning machine

         The wooden bed frame (just a very simple one with rectangular shape, looking more like a mini performance stage if I can comment), also coloured in white

–      A totally white bookshelf with lots of books and a few decorative mini statues

–      Bags are everywhere…


The new room still smells of the fresh paint. It was totally new and mom had renovated it for the sake of having me back (as mentioned in the “Dear home” entry posted earlier). So after 3 days, I started pumping air for the mattress (gift from my lovely daddy) and bought the silver-light bedding set. I also moved in the desk with chair and shelf + bookshelf (offered by Jit and his wife since they also go home within next week). It looks a lot better now, more like a room.


My bean bag got snapped by my nephew, which I couldn’t take back as he loves it. Gabbie just didn’t care it was MY bean bag. He just jumped on it, lied down, laughed and hugged the bean bag as if it was his. And it turned to be his in the end without a tiny bit of my protest. I do need a bean bag, but not desperately as my room is not big enough to stuff everything in. I am still waiting for a proper bookshelf and wardrobe coming in next weekend to see how much space left.


Everybody is kinda happy when I moved back, especially my dad and grandpa. Dad started cooking things he think I would like to eat. Apparently, I seldom eat at home since I always finish work at about 6 – 6:30pm and then go swimming until 8pm. I just got myself served with very light soup or simply hang out with friends until 10 something. But well, I do eat at home during weekend (only for lunch or early dinner before having tea or drink with friends again. My grandpa feels there is a reason for him to go up and down the stairs just to check if I am already home from work. Good excuse for exercising his old muscles, I have to say. Grandpa generously chipped in the money to furnish my room so I would feel like I am in a five-star hotel room and so, I would not leave the house that easily anymore. Good thinking grandpa, at least with your care and cash.


Oh, now the room looks a bit nicer, I grew to love my new room back home and hardly think about going out until very late. I don’t know how long it’s going to last but I am sure I would get bored pretty easily. So, I need to entertain myself by decorating my new room to make it look more appealing (at least, to me). My objective is to stay here until I get married (and if my husband agrees, he would probably move in with me). My singleton is not going to be very long so I need to enjoy myself, at least within these 4 walls.


And for the very near future…


Things to shop for July:

  1. Another bedding set with brighter colours
  2. Portrait frames (a lot of them so I could put in as many photos as possible, for the sake of decorating the white wall next to my desk)
  3. Flower vase (a cute and cool one. Even though I got allergic to flowers but nothing would stop me from buying decorative stuff to put in a vase)
  4. Dirty clothes basket
  5. Extra 20 – 30 hangers (you could imagine the volume of clothes I have)
  6. A lot more decorative items (will tell you then what they are)


Those would already eat up a lot of my budget. I will definitely cut down on my entertainment budget to shift to such investment. In the end, it’s my room, isn’t it? So it possesses a right to be beautiful (to suit its owner, lols) and tidy. I have banned my nephew from entering my room without my permission. Gabbie needs to understand and respect my privacy. He also needs to know that not everything he desires will be automatically granted. That little Captain Jack needs some discipline in this house.


Oh, talking about my nephew, he almost blinded me by kicking my flip-flop right at my eyes. My mom got so mad and I grew tensed towards him immediately. And to make it worse, Gabbie didn’t even apologise me, which drove me even angrier. But I chose not to express my anger in front of him as it wouldn’t do me any good, either. So I banned him completely from entering my room even at my presence unless I allow him occasionally. That little guy needs to know certain punishment for hurting others, especially the elders. My mom perhaps has gone too lenient on him so I need to be stricter a bit to at least shape up his sense of discipline and respect.


Well, did I write a lot already?  Did I tell you all that I have bought myself a lady pug, named Joy? My bad if I didn’t. Yes, let me take one solemn moment to announce that Joy, a well-behaved and serene female pug with creamy fur colour, has joined my big family (together with other 2 cats – Tom and Kate, another dog – Spotty, and 4 fishes – Goofy, Louis, Tweenie, and Giant), officially for 9 weeks. Joy actually spent a week earlier in the vet as she got diagnosed with lower gut infection at very mild level and nose-running – first stage. I will bring Joy to the vet again tomorrow morning to re-check up her health before resuming her normal diet. Joy used to be a bit overweighed but now she’s fit as I fed her following exactly the vet’s advice.


I promise Joy and myself that I would try to take Joy to the park for running, walking and sniffing once every week (usually at weekend). I did it for the first time today and Joy really enjoyed the walk. She got admired by other by passers. Well, in the end, she possesses broad and firm shoulders with cute legs and sexy butts. Her tail is curly and her fur is short and silky. She got everything to be called a sexy and healthy pug. I bet the other pugs started going “Woohoo” and whistle all along now. Another good thing about Joy is she’s a smart lady. She never barks or bites anyone for no reason. In fact, she has never bitten anyone since she was borne and got fangs. She is so cute that my mom decided to take 3 old lovely tops of my nephew to dress her up at night to avoid what the cold and rainy weather might do to her. In short, Joy is a smart, lovely, sexy and all-worth-it babe in the shape of an adorable pug.


I have a confession to make. My life has never been stable for just one moment. Things keep changing but in my life, things change with high speed. I don’t understand why but that’s the way it is. A few things could be listed as:

1. I moved back home (sorry for repeating this for a thousandth time)

2. I finally decided to leave the distant relationship mute (for my own good)

3. I had Joy and a tattoo on my back (don’t ask me why)

4. I suddenly had a new bunch of angels surrounding me (full of entertainments and cheerful laughter)

5. I took up a lot of different trips (to both relax and torture myself)

6. My project list is still very long and unexpected

7. I got another niece (her English name is April even though she was borne in May)

8. I suddenly want to get married (to be more exact, I am suddenly dying to get married – hormone raging, I guess)

9. I tried bowling (not so good at the start and it’s tough looking for bowling partners, anyone?)


It’s a bit tiring to list them all out here so if you are still curious about what drives me so much up and down, please give me a call or write me an email. I can definitely spend half a day to list out the rest. Thanks for reading this long-winded entry and I knew some of you already knocked your heads down the keyboards, snoring like a happy piglet. Okay, let’s go and get yourselves some sleep, pals. And so would I.

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