Public Enemy and my Sunday


Mom was not home and I desperately need her here. I am having a bad shoulder-ache and only she could deliver a massage that helps. I felt a bit unwell today. The weather wasn’t that uncomfortable but I guess it was the rain yesterday I caught after watching “Public Enemy” stared Johnny Depp.


I always love Johnny Depp, his dangerous, mischievous, quick and sharp eyes and outlook. He looks like he’s always up with something in mind, which is dead sexy to all women. His character in this movie, the once famous and fearful bank robber in the States’ history, John Dillinger, fit him perfectly. For a bank robber, the only 4 successes Dillinger has obtained only:

1. Rob the banks whenever he wanted and wherever he wished

2. Broke out from prisons whenever he wanted

3. Fall in love with a girl and had her love him back

4. Die being shot, not being sat on the electric chair


His love was a quick-win but so fast in bed. The tanned girl dressed in hot sexy red dress cost only $3 dollars. She wasn’t sexy the way female celebs are nowadays, enormous boobs, fair skin and so blonde, dressed revealingly. She was kind of modest in dressing, auburn hair with medium curls, sincere face with big deep eyes and slender body, leave alone the normal breast size. I think Dillinger was attracted by her natural charisma and honesty. She told him straight in a face that her dress only cost her $3 dollars and she didn’t feel ashamed when putting on a cheap thin coat during the mid-winter of Chicago. Frichette, her name, a French mixed Red Indian lady, was proud of what she was made of even though it scared so many men off her.


And Dillinger didn’t give it a damn, by the way. He was shit, too, having bad childhood, no proper education, flirting with the legal and anti-crime system of America. Poor girl met a thief, they sounded like a perfect match for each other. Dillinger was a bank robber, a professional and dangerous thief but he also had a heart. He didn’t mean to kill a cop or anybody else. He wanted to protect and share his wins with his pals, rescuing them from the prison and provided them what they needed. In the end, he was still a man who knew how to fall in love and cared for the one he loved. I felt touched when his face sank seeing his girl getting arrested. They were supposed to run away to sunny beach with golden sand and stay there for the rest of their life. But life was too short, for Dillinger, wasn’t it? I felt sad for him. He had no way back. But he didn’t want to turn back. He accepted his destined ending during the Mahattan Melodrama movie with just a smirk. Brave boy, Dillinger! Excellent actor, Depp!


I cried when Frichette cried. She knew it would happen but she kept hoping for good things to come to them (not her alone). Poor girl! She always wanted to earn some respect from the current society where they judged you from what you wear and if you have fair skin. I think with  my tanned skin, I would have become slave there, for sure. Copper skin wins nowadays. It’s so hot that even girls with fair skin feel ashamed and must buy fake tan colour cream to apply on themselves. Just to look a little sun kissed. Gosh, girls never feel enough for natural look, do they?


Back to Dillinger, sex was not the focus in his relationship with Frichette. It was how they felt for each other. The sense of belonging. The sense of matching. The sense of a having a girl who loves him for who he was, not what he did. But well, when they made love, I was surprised. In the 60s, people still got their clothes on when they were in bed? That was strange. I understood that Frichette had a beautiful and slender body so why not show it off? It was just showing a little skin anyway? I am not a sicko but seriously, I got a little disappointed when she made love with her slinky gown still on. And it was amazing how Dillinger accepted that she kept her gown on. Hell yeah, if I were Frichette, yummy, Dillinger, oh sorry, Depp! I think I should slow down on sex life or my imaginary sex life, lols.


Back to myself, I am a little feverish today. I was coughing and upset when I couldn’t talk properly over the phone. I spent all day in my room, watching The Spirit and The Internationals with my comforter wrapped around just like a spring-roll, no less. When I was tired with the movies, I just rolled around and slept all I wanted. Nobody bothered me. I got steamed rolls for lunch (thanks to my big bro) and spaghetti with seaweed & long cabbage soup (weird, isn’t it?). Mom just got back but she was so busy with April and Gabbie so she couldn’t deliver her legendary massage yet. I hope I am getting better as tomorrow is going to be crazy again. Monday and its blues. Guys, I’m going to get some sleep now (even though I had a lot already). I’ll update more on the movies I watched and hope you all wouldn’t sleep off half way while reading. Loves!




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