Rainy days

I got my curtain up! Hooray!


Today, again, was a tough day at work. Plus, I got my period and shoulder-ache for weeks. Never ever felt any better. And hey, that was a sarcastic statement of mine!


I need to get up early tomorrow morning to take Joy for a poop-pee walk as my mom requested. Rainy season makes Joy uncomfortable with the wet road and she tends to conduct her not-so-nice “business” inside the house, which drove my mom nuts. Joy kept shedding her furs around and mom got so annoyed with that. She asked me to take Joy to see the vet but I got no time for it yet. I kept promising mom that I would but by the time I reach home, the vet has already closed for hours. And again, the rain drives me nuts, too. It turned me sick, made Joy poop and wee in the house, and led to my mom’s temporary insanity.


But the rain also keeps me being romantic for a while. Looking at the rain from my window (now I got my curtain, the rain would stand no chance) gave me such a weird but romantic feeling. Some of you (especially guys) would definitely think I’m such a nut-head but yeah, that’s what you get for being a girl, dudes. And I’m listening to Cascade now, which is suiting my mood so perfectly.


“From London to Paris,

From Berlin to Rome,

You’re searching for something

A place to call home…”


Yes, same as you, I wonder the same thing. What’s the relevance between Rome or London to the rain? I don’t know and I don’t care. The song just suits my mood, that’s all.


And then, I turned to look at my bookshelf. Oh good Lord, all my books there are just for display purpose only because I’ve already finished them all. I’ve already searched and got a few book titles here. I’m going shop for them when I’m in KL.


  1. I’m so happy for you – Lucinda Rosenfeld
  2. What she saw – Lucinda Rosenfeld (again)
  3. Sweet Caroline – Rachel Hauck
  4. This charming man – Marian Keyes (my favourite writer)
  5. Crack in my foundation – Marian Keyes (her again)
  6. Stern Men – Elizabeth Gilbert (another favourite writer of mine)
  7. The lost symbol – Dan Brown (hooh hah! That’s it, baby! I’m going to grab you home!)
  8. Act like a lady, think like a man – Steve Harvey (interesting book, talking about the difference between the way men think and how women act)

There are a few more books I want to shop for but they were listed as “coming soon” and I just desperately wished to know how “soon” “coming soon” was.


And Harry Potter is coming out in the theatre. I can’t wait! I’ve never read a book of Harry Potter saga because the way they were written is never my style. But I’ve never missed any movie of its series. Weirdo, am I? It’s interesting to watch how a wizard kid grows to become a handsome fine young man with surrounding friends (who are also wizards). To be fair, H.P is a winning story as it can touch all ages, bringing all of us back to our childhood imaginary games – using magic and make some fun. No wonder it became so popular and its author became a millionaire.


Wait a minute, I have not shopped for 2 banquet gowns for Reuben’s wedding yet. Oh no, Yvonne is going to kill me. I have only almost a month left for getting the right dresses to fit the theme.


Morning church ceremony – lavender or violet colour (Okay, that sounds romantic!)

Evening banquet – satin pink or metallic red (Wow!)


And I couldn’t find any pair of violet or satin pink shoes under my closet. I just have a pair of scarlet red high-heels which look so dramatic which will go perfectly with a scarlet red dress and scarlet red lipstick (not hair). For goodness, when I get this month salary, I need to fix my eyes on them before I rush for the trip again. Oh, bloody me, bloody me!!!!


Okay guys, I’m off now, trying to get some sleep before I die off. You will have more stories to read if it continues to rain this way, lolz!


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