Just got back

I just got back from a wedding & reunion trip from Malaysia – my second homeland. Everything was fantastic with a few highlights:


1. The wedding of Reuben & Joanne: with the so-called theme “A clown and his nurse”, a wedding was such a blast with innocent white & romantic lavender balloons forming the aisle for the bridal march. A banquet was hilarious and exciting with the contribution from Reu’s friends – clowns and non-clowns, comedians and also a lot of pretty ladies (including me). It blew me away with the fact that I met up so many good old buddies from college.  We laughed, we shed several tears of joy, we ate lots of good food and also fooled around the groom and his bride. I already threatened them that they must fly over for my wedding one day and guess what? They all became so excited about an overseas wedding.


2. I stayed with Von during the entire trip. We drove, we sang, we got lost and we laughed it off. It was such a great blessing when I enjoyed the stay totally free of charge with cosy apartment room (Von’s room), fully furnished bathroom (just that the light bulb was gone already for a while) and a spacious kitchen and big fridge (with only fruits, chocolate and hazelnut coffee). I also enjoyed Von’s new coffee place – The Old Town White Coffee, originated from Ipoh with our favourite hazelnut coffee that totally pulled my hair awake once in a while. We had it everywhere, the airport, the neighbourhood and we even wanted to pop in when seeing it in the Summit shopping complex. Anyway, a little of self-control must have been practised since both Von and I became good girls, who just ate and slept to recharge. Why? Because we were both stressed out.


3. I was surprised knowing that the entire circle of lovely sisters I have is still consisting of single ladies (Von, I, Cheryl, Jo, Sandra, Mei, Eileen). That really made a difference because when we gathered and talked, we didn’t talk about kids, diaper, napkin or spilling baby’s food. But I’ve gotta meet Xiao Fan’s & Patrick’s little girl – Amy, who is already 9 months old. When I talked to Amy with baby language (I guess what she understood was different from mine), Von just looked at me and shook her head. And also being a proud aunt, I started showing April’s pictures around and also confirming that April looked like me when I was 3 months old (that’s from what my mom told me, btw).


4. My stupid credit card didn’t work in certain outlets when we did a little of shopping. It ruined my mood for hours and made me hesitate to purchase any further. God is good for warning me that way. In the end, I just got myself a few tops, a pair of simple NOSE sandals and a few books. I would come back in December for Christmas so I guess that would be a greater time to shop more (until I really drop).

5. I met up with Jit and Eng Him for a late night drink. He looked much better with smoother skin (thanks to the diet discipline Eng Him applied on him) and much healthier glow (again, thanks to the caring lovely wife of his). We talked and as usual, after updating him what has been going on over here, both of us started talking craps again and laughed our heads off. As I remembered, the craps were something to do with banana and peanut butter (it was his beverage) while mine was orange and peaches.


6. I became quite a panda after the trip as I always had less than 5 hours of sleeping (except for the day after the wedding). Both Von and I were on the move all the times, meeting this person and drove to see another one. But I managed to see quite a number of folks before flying back. Oh, before I forget, I must say I was lucky as I almost missed the flight back home. Thanks God everything turned out fine in the end.

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