Confession of a workaholic girl


I have a confession to make.

This is not my first blog. I used to have a Xanga site. I used to have a blogspot site. And now, I tend to centralize everything in my mind on my Facebook Notes, hoping to keep track of my writing. Somehow, I get a little uncomfortable as I keep thinking that I am losing my sense of privacy. I love to have attention but when it comes to people commenting, I tend to freak out with my own notes. So, here you go, a new wordpress blog for myself.

Another confession to make is I am a workaholic who is trying (super hard) to balance my life. And I am such a free spirit who loves experience new things in life. So, here comes my travel passion. I’ve been to quite a number of countries in Asia. Why Asia? Well, Asia is full of exotic colors, incredibly rich cultures and amazing people. I’m not trying to say that Asia is much better than other countries but there is always something that excites me whenever I travel around Asian countries. If there is a wish for myself that genie is offering after I rub the lamp, I would wish to have 10 years to travel to all of the destinations in the world and write myself a journal book. The world! The world has so much for me to explore, to feel and to love. I am not as brave as other folks who can quit their jobs to travel the world and somehow manage to earn from their experiences. So let’s take baby steps and I will try to travel to at least 2 countries every year or at least to 1 place that I have never been to. Not too tough but it requires a lot of efforts and of course, savings to do fulfill.

I have another passion – SUP Paddling. If you don’t know about SUP paddling, you should Google it. Why? Because Google knows everything, seriously, it knows everything. In the end, what is the purpose of inventing a cognitive search engine that gets to be so genius and massive in data storage and exchange around the globe? But to make it short, you need a board (either it’s a hard board or an inflatable board), a paddle and you stand up to paddle the board on the water. I am not into board racing. I’m more into long-distance paddling cruise which can be as far as 20 kilometers. I go for paddling almost every weekend as I love the lake, the nature and the polution-free zone that I can dive into and clear up my mind.

I do Pilates religiously almost 3-4 times a week. I keep telling myself to be proud as I’m now at level 3+ (somewhere in intermediate level). I don’t believe in plastic surgery or any sort of filler or artificial beauty hacks. I choose to go with proper dietary schedule, regular workouts both outdoor and indoor and constant consumption of supplements to keep my body healthy inside out. Don’t get me wrong as I’m not saying it’s not right to go with other tactics out of my believing zone. It’s really up to you to choose a particular lifestyle for yourself and nobody can judge that decision of yours. No matter what, health comes first, followed by inner and external beauty. Intellectual content is something I wholeheartedly believe in, too. Being a 30-something girl with average look, I’ve gotta do something for my brain. Reading, writing, painting and singing are things I love doing whenever I have my me-time. If I ever get my dream home, one of the rooms would be reserved for a home library with full of books, a corner for painting and my working desk. Oh well, I seem to have too many dreams for now.

What about a dream guy? Well, none for now. Just don’t enquire any further, mind you. I need to achieve other dreams before even thinking of that. Being single is not bad as it means freedom for me. I can do whatever I want and thanks God, my parents fully support me in all of my decisions, one of which is remaining single. I’ve been through a few serious relationships and well, they didn’t always turn out rosy as expected. So, I am just taking it easy at the moment and maybe, just maybe, someday love’ll find me. Ah let’s just hope as hope doesn’t kill anyone.

Should I just keep this for now as the post starts to get long. If we keep talking about confession, I could make a thousand of those. So, more to come…

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