If we’re apart,
The sky won’t be dark any longer than it used to be.
The starts will still rise every night,
Witness my prayer with their twinkling lights,
That you’re completely fine…

If we’re apart,
The flower still blooms to catch the sun beams every early morning.
The leaves are still green, waving at the gentle summer breeze.
They smile at me, ensuring that you’re smiling over there,
Happy with something, thinking about me.

If we’re apart,
The world won’t be falling hard.
People are still walking by, knocking at my door to see whether I’m still fine.
“Nothing serious! I just woke up after a long long night”, I smile.
That wasn’t a lie!

If we’re apart,
The cafes we used to come are still there, greeting someone new.
The music is still on with the same old rhythms.
The beat went on smoothly as usual
Only then, we realize… Life goes on.

Just a distance, not too bad!
Just a little time, not so sad!
Just a promise, not too fast!

Make a hug, make it hard!
Make a kiss, make it last!
Make a return, make it fast!

If we’re apart,
Over the web-cam, we can still laugh about our jokes
Over the phone, we can still give each other a smoochie
Over the distance, we can still hold on tight to our faith
So it doesn’t really matter, if we’re apart…

(Just sit down, think about something crappy and write this at 00:40, March 23th, 2007)

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