Excuses, excuses, and more excuses


I’ve made several promises to myself:

1. Learning Photoshop to become a master of retouching and having damn great artwork for designing.

Status: Still reading, playing around and improving my Photoshop skills. Somehow, I need to sit down with somebody who is already a master to learn a few tricks. So, it’s not so bad for the status, up to now.

2. Learning how to swim in order not to drown when I get to the sea as well as to get fit.

Status: Stupid swimming pool only accept registration during working hours while I can’t simply go out of the office (so much work to do recently). I thought of going there on Sat to register and forgot that I had a charity trip last Sat and Sun. Hmn… So far so sad! I have to do it this Sat no matter what. No more excuses, mind my bloody forgetful brain. By the way, I’m not born a water baby. I’m scared of water like hell. So please pray for me to learn swimming with courage and braveness. God, please don’t let me drown, please don’t!!!!!

3. Going to the gym to get even fitter.

Status: Not going yet. Excuse? I haven’t got myself a pair of sport shoes yet. Forgotten again! Argh… My lovely flatmate is gonna remind me of having one pair tomorrow when I finish my work. I’ll join him in the morning section while both can work out and have healthy life habit. Yupe, also no more excuses! I’ll get a pair of shoes tomorrow, together with a pair of sport slacks. I can’t stay passive anymore. It’s time I changed my habit and start living more healthily.

4. Having proper diet to get rid of unnecessary fat.

Status: So far so good! I have my diet ready and already follow it strictly recently. I well know diet can only be effective when I combine it with good and consistent working out. Adding more fruits, getting rid of carbohydrates, increasing proteins, drinking more sugar-free fruit-juice and water, reducing caffeine beverage (this is the hardest of all as I love our local coffee), taking multi-vitamins and mineral supplements consistenly… I’ll maintain this diet to see if I can lose a few pounds (at last 4 pounds by the end of Sept).

5. Going out less to save more $$.

Status: Not so good! I’ve cut down the outing frequency and shopping habit and now, I think I can survive this month with only RM 500 left in my bank account. A lot of things happened that’s why most of my $$ were gone before I even realized. So, I need to be even stricter with my spending habit. No more fancy shopping trip this month or next month! My wardrobe has been filled up with lots of new clothes and I’d better stop making it more overloaded. So, no more shopping! No excuses, No more excuses!

6. Going to sleep by 11pm every night.

Status: Uhm… it’s now 11:15pm and I’m still here typing this entry. Mind you, it’s time I complied with my rule. Gotta go and will share more about what I have done this week. Surely, I’ll be even more positive.

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  1. VonElle82 says:

    old habits dies hard but be hopeful when u know u wanna start overcoming it!!!!

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